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Since Safari 4 I cannot make normal screenshots with Command-Shift-3 (whole screen) or Command-Shift-4 (part screen) anymore...
You're an idiot.
I have faith in them. They will.Been trying out Win7 for well over a month now, and it can't hold a candle to Leopard's elegance, power, and efficacy. Let alone to Snow Leopard's. Win7's claim to fame is it's supposedly state-of-the-art security management. Well: it failed! A couple days ago Avast found a W32 Trojan on my Win7 system. A Trojan that Win7 had obviously 'overlooked' and let in without a peep! Win7 has already failed before it even started!
Sounds like a Time Machine lockout, imo.
Huh? My Win7 runs like a charm today – as far as Windows ever does, of course... It's running in a (VMware) virtual machine, which is what I would advise Tauron if, for whatever reason, it can't be installed under BootCamp to run natively.But if you don't, won't, or can't, Tauron, don't worry: you're not missing much!
Oh blissfull innocence! I would ROTFLMAO if it weren't so tragic. I think you missed a few beats, Hiro... Nighty, nighty!
@ Hiro: I know that. But the article stated that that one particular cache was not cleared despite specific user settings/instructions to do so. It claimed that cache would retain its contents (and growing) while leaving its owner in the belief that they had cleared it. Thus inducing a false sense of security. Anyway, the article has now been pulled, it seems, which could indeed indicate that it was left wanting. But doesn't necessarily! Call me paranoid, but I'll be...
"Safari 4 beta leaves data, privacy trail in its wake"It froze my Mac just once too often already too. Safari 4 is out the door!
I run Win7 (64) in VMware for about a month now and got a nasty surprise yesterday: I caught a Win32.TrojanSpyBanker that had snuck in... (and I kicked it in the nuts, of course).But Win7 – the state-of-the-art in OS protection, wasn't it? – never cried "wolf!" when it was supposed to and let the bugger right in! For gossakes!So Windows' battle with malware ain't over with Win7 by a long shot from where I sit! It seems just as vulnerable as previous Windows flavors have...
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