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Yes, if you zip it with Stuffit and set an encryption key.
Hi Rick, Prevention! 1) Install iAlertU on your MBP. Works like a charm. Nobody's going to walk off with your screaming MBP under their arm...! And it does take a picture of who dunnit! Only it doesn't (yet) send that picture through eMail, as it says it does. Minor gripe. Get iAlertU here. 2) Install 'Lock My Mac' if you want to step away from your MBP for a few minutes while a couple processes keep on doing their thing, while closing shop for snoopers in the...
That jpg on the desktop is certainly readable when it has 'risen from the grave', 35 times overwriting!, that I thought I had buried it in...Apple support? What URL should I look for?
I religiously empty my Trash folder. At least with "Secure Empty Trash", or even with "Permanent Eraser". And when I do, the Trash indeed gets emptied, as you would expect, and indeed stays empty... for a little while. Because, since a month or 2 there are a few items – sofar one empty folder, and one jpg – that re-appear on the desktop a little while after I had emptied them from the Trash. Sometimes within 5 minutes of emptying the Trash, sometimes a few days and...
Yes, it's a solid freeze allright. No spinning beach ball in sight. In fact nothing budges anymore. Least of all the cursor. Although iTunes keeps happily playing...So yours must be a different bug, are.
After a couple minutes browsing my CD covers in iTunes' CoverFlow with the mouse my whole Mac(Book Pro, on Leopard) freezes solid. Nothing works anymore. The only way out is a hard restart. This happened about 2 dozen times already, and it started about 2 months ago. I'm guessing that was right after an iTunes update... It's getting to be an fff-ing pain in the neck. Does anybody else have that same experience?
When I run Safari my 20" iMac (OSX.5.2) will not launch the screen saver, nor black out the screen after any length of time (let alone after the preset duration). However, when I run Google Earth, or iTunes, or KeyNote, the screen saver and black out screen kick in like they are supposed to. I.o.w. the screen saver and energy saver do NOT work when Safari is running, whilst they DO with any other application running.... Does anybody know what's happening and how I can...
I did that, rob, and the permissions repair took like forever (well, about a half hour). But thereafter I haven't been able to reproduce the prob. Sofar. So thanks again!
After a couple minutes browsing in my iTunes 7.6.2 music library (about 10,000 titles), by clicking the CD covers' artwork in Cover Flow, my whole Mac (17" MacBook Pro; OSX.5.2) locks up. Completely frozen. Force Quit doesn't work, and the only way out that I know is a hard restart. I've had this happen about a dozen times already in maybe the last 4 weeks. Anybody else have this problem?
Thanks, rob.I downloaded and installed it. It did keep asking me to reconfigure, though...It's prolly too early to have noticed speed gains, I guess.And I still think it's strange OSX's Software Update scheme doesn't catch that.
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