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Thing is, as long as you see that wheel moving, or a spinning beach ball, the mac is actually proceeding through its paces, albeit at the speed of running molasses. As you found out. But it is moving forward! So if you can afford to wait it out, I suggest you do.
Thanks, rob. According to OSX' Software Update my software is completely up-to-date. So where do I find info on that firmware 7.3.1 update?
Just now I was simply surfing the web in Safari and suddenly Airport Utility starts up and displays this (I blurred the non-essentials) , apparently suggesting I set it up. Anew! Because my Airport Extreme net was actually functioning perfectly at that very moment... WTF is going on? Must I have hit an obscure keyboard combination that launches Airport Utility? (I don't think I hit ANY keyboard combination! Let alone an obscure one...). Of course I didn't...
Time Machine is billed to backup (an) internal drive(s) wirelessly to HDD(s) that are hooked up to Airport Extreme. But it DOESN'T! (MacOSX.5.2). It does not work! The external HDDs do not mount on the desktop. Disk Utility does not 'see' the external HDD(s). Drive Genius does not 'see' the external HDD(s). And – worst of all – Time Machine does not 'see' the external HDD(s)! Funnily enough System Profiler DOES 'see' the external HDD(s)... It explains the almost...
I installed Leopard on an 24" iMac and on a 17" MacBook Pro. After 2 and a half hours of verifying, upgrading, inserting disks, and restarting a couple times, the whole sequence 'ended' with the Setup Assistant 'connecting...' with the rotating circle of radials. But it never stopped that. It was in a loop. Simply clicking the red bullet button though, actually finished the upgrade process. I restarted for good measure, just to be sure.
It wouldn't surprise me if that particular issue was one of the reasons for the 10.5.2 update! In that case it would actually seem to work for you sofar, doesn't it?
Hi Excalibur, 'Empty Trash...' will remove tags and icons of files, effectively making them 'invisible', but won't remove – as in destroy – the files themselves. The trashed files themselves, often really hundreds of snippets of those files in just as many different physical locations on the HD, get overwritten by other files on an as needed basis in the run of the HD's day-to-day disk space management. 'Secure Empty Trash' overwrites trashed files 7 times with random...
Can anyone say "inbreeding"?
Hi Fletch, you get to pick your soundtrack from your own iTunes. So you got to prepare, in advance, in iTunes, a playlist with all the songs you want in the soundtrack (there'll be some math involved there for timing), and then, from within iPhoto, pick that playlist as your soundtrack. Have fun!
You should get the live aquarium, spline.
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