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I get bored easily. So I have a continually expanding collection of now 500 desktop pix that roll around at random every minute. This is what mine looked like a couple minutes ago:
It's good to see so many dedicated MacHeads around here. I think I'll join the fun: 1985 - Macintosh Plus with 20MB external HD 1989 - 2x Macintosh SE30 1993 - Macintosh Color Classic 1996 - Macintosh Performa 5320 1999 - 2x iMac G3 slotloader 2001 - 2x iMac G4, 17", 'lamp' 2007 - iMac Intel 2,4Ghz Core2 Duo, 20" 2007 - MacBookPro Intel 2,4Ghz Core2 Duo, 17" (got it last Saturday icluding Airport Extreme and a fast 500GB LaCie external HD... WOOOOHOOOO!). Waiting for...
Hi guys, I also got a brand spanking new 17", 2,4Ghz MacBookPro, Airport Extreme, and a fast 500GB LaCie HD, since Saturday, and am sofar very happy with it. Transferring my data and installed apps from my old Mac was a breeze. And its really fast fast! SMCFanControl 1.22 doesn't function on my new machine though. Anybody know any alternatives? Though data transfer via FireWire from my old iMac worked like a charm, the old iMac does not appear as a harddisk in the...
Hi all, DVD's contain .VOB files. And they play fine in a number of DVD player apps. Yet when those same .VOB file are copied to my hard drive I can't get 'm to play decently in any player I know. This is under OSX.3.9. Anybody know how to deal with that?
Thanks everybody. Lots of useful suggestions there. @Artman: reinstalling was also my thought. Then at Versiontracker.com there was a notice IE was discontinued. So I couldn't get it. Now I got it via you. Thanks. Reinstalled it. Start up –> crash.... Oh well, time to move on I guess.
I use "Acqlite" (prolly Acquisition Lite): download Acqlite.
That's right, Mike (thanks for your quick response BTW). I found that too. But it also seems to mean that my fully functional IE suddenly is dead in the water! I foresee a big problem for websites that are marked up for IE only – and those are MANY! Because old Macs can't access those anymore...!
My IE 5.2.3 (for Mac; under OSX.3.9) crashed today and refuses to start up again. I restarted and repaired permissions, but no change: crash on start-up. Has M$ finally cut IE (for PowerPC Macs) for good? That wouldn't really surprise me, with the emergence of IntelMacs, BootCamp, Parallels, VMware and – next – Vista.
Audio Hijack Pro (I've got 2.6.1) does the same thing. It records – DRM free! – from any audio source/application you point it to.Get v. 2.7 at http://www.versiontracker.com/php/se...macosx&x=0&y=0Get v. 2.6.1 on P2P.
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