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Say what? This is happening because Apple puts underpowered mobility graphics cards in its iMacs. The Oculus won't run on Windows laptops with these cards either. Apple has 100% control over what graphics cards they use. 
  Except in Tic Tac Toe, it's simple not to lose. Here, there seems to be no way to avoid losing.
Just so I understand... If Apple abides with agreements not to poach, it's wrong. And if Apple doesn't abide with agreements not to poach, it's wrong. Got it. 
Here's how I read it:   We've been saying this thing would come out. As the time nears, there's just no evidence that it's going into production. The choices are:   1. We were wrong and it's not coming. 2. It's delayed 6 months.   Well, we sure hate to admit we were wrong about something, so yeah, #1 it is.
I remember when Apple had to pay that MP3 player over $300m because they had a patent for "lists on a small screen." So it would be nice for Apple to triumph, but the system is as it is because sometimes the trolls win. (Edit: even if the judgement is cut to 1/10... the trolls get far more than I'll earn in a lifetime for less work than I'll do in a month)
I had a patient yesterday who had an Android watch. It's the first one I've ever seen in the wild. I asked her about it. She liked it. She says she used it to check her messages and that it had substantially reduced the number of times she fished her watch out of the purse. I didn't give her a hard time about it. But I commented on it in the first place because it was so big and clunky looking. The Apple Watch won't be that clunky, I think... but I think it's gonna look...
When have they EVER gone where they ought?
Nothing better than over-the-top predictions to get a market set for disappointment, even when the actual results end up breaking records.
 Piling on too. My assistant bought a 5c. She had been wanting an iPhone for a few years. It wasn't until the 5c that she finally thought she could afford it.
Makes you wonder if one of Apple's competitors came up with the idea, to kill the apple-watch.
New Posts  All Forums: