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That's what I thought when I read this, too. I doubt very much that Apple will do this, even if it is true that they are investigating it.
Ah yes, the threat of unwelcome association. "If you stand stand X, you have to be in repugnant group Y." I haven't heard someone make that argument since 3rd grade. The only truth you've illuminated is your own lack of empathy. I have no fondness for the confederate flag or for white supremacists. But doing something wrong in the name of a high ideal is still doing something wrong. Period.
It's strange you'd say that, since that's exactly what they did. Then they encountered a storm of criticism and relented a bit. Personally I have no fondness for the confederate flag, but Apple is getting far too anxious to swing its enormous clout like a political billy club. Too much of that and you start to look like a bully. None of us has the right to erase history by removing all references to an ideology that you view with repugnance. And there's additionally a...
 liberal != supported free speechWhat precisely do you think political correctness is?
Kind of ironic that living in a ghetto you'd be so comfortable spouting such ugly bigotries. 
This is only a step shy of other orthodoxies destroying historical sites and records (Al Qaeda, ISIS, North Korea, USSR). Do not get so overzealous about your point of view that you start thinking it's okay to erase a "bad" demographic from history. 
There's better reporting of this elsewhere (as is all too often the case for AI, these days, I'm afraid). To summarize though: In previous years, AltConf restreamed with no apparent objections from Apple. This time, AltConf wanted to charge people $300 a head to watch. I agree with Apple. That really does crosses the line.
Netflix, no. More like bit torrent. Subsidizing the internet so they can steal movies. After all, everything is supposed to be free, right?
Say what? This is happening because Apple puts underpowered mobility graphics cards in its iMacs. The Oculus won't run on Windows laptops with these cards either. Apple has 100% control over what graphics cards they use. 
  Except in Tic Tac Toe, it's simple not to lose. Here, there seems to be no way to avoid losing.
New Posts  All Forums: