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It might be a neat idea. But all it takes is one skateboarder to get in (or just cause) a terrible wreck and say that the controls didn't work (when all he did was get flustered), and the lawyers will have a feast.
Jeez. Wherever do those guys get their ideas? Oh wait.    Seriously, though, sites like this must be the best goldmine for Samsung. You do all the legwork for them and give them huge lead times on everything Apple might have up its sleeves.
Considering eBay was recently hacked, I wonder if there's a connection. But it seems like there's much more lucrative things you could do if you'd hacked eBay than just ransom some iPhones. Who knows though.
Yeah, but DDR4 is only going to be for servers. 
   O_o The screen is in that list three times, actually, so that even if people miscount they might not also miss the point. There's other things burning through your battery life than just the CPU.
"Apple's current MacBook Air lineup boasts up to 12 hours of battery life, which means Broadwell processors could boost uptime on future models to north of 15 hours." That math only works if the CPU is the only thing using the battery. There's also the matter of the screen, memory, the screen, the other non-CPU chips, and of course, the screen.
You mean other than DPI??
They have to show candor and talk about all the cool things they do... because they so rarely stick with it and keep any projects alive. They are a blue sky company.
"...but admitted the software could have come a bit sooner."   Um, how exactly is that an "admission"? He was not referring to his own or his company's failure. He was remarking on a gaffe by another company. How about, "He took a subtle swipe at Microsoft, saying, 'If it had been done earlier, it would have been better for Microsoft frankly.'"
If they sell Word for iPad as a stand-alone app, I'll buy it, just to play with it and see whether I like it better than Pages or not. If they tie it to a subscription service, though, I'm almost certainly out %u2014 as will be everyone except people who have been told they have no choice but to use MS Office.
New Posts  All Forums: