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If they sell Word for iPad as a stand-alone app, I'll buy it, just to play with it and see whether I like it better than Pages or not. If they tie it to a subscription service, though, I'm almost certainly out %u2014 as will be everyone except people who have been told they have no choice but to use MS Office.
Is this the same battery technology they used in the 2012 and 2013 iWatch? O_o
States, looking for money, think they have found some. They hope it can be tripled too. With a side of fries.
Edit: never mind
No doubt. However, it was an early product at the time, and there weren't any warnings like you describe—or if they were there, they were quite well hidden. What wasn't hidden was several videos where someone happily put an iPhone in water and showed it continuing to play.  The first I saw of this "Liquipel is not intended to be a submersible process" was at the time of the purchase. And I wasn't aware of any other company making stronger claims. One might expect a...
Wow. Was that an act of desperation or a "what the hell, might as well" kinda thing?
I have a salt water pool and got one of these expensive waterproofing treatments on a shuffle. I used Liquipel, but I suspect they're not very different. The order form included a place where I agreed that 1) they'd never claimed the device would be waterproof, and 2) I wouldn't intentionally submerge my device.   I swam once with the device. The next day it was dead. Granted, I hadn't rinsed it off afterward (no one told me to). I let it charge. Nada. Every now and then...
I call BS. If these people had enough access to know about production delays, they'd be able to tell us about the iWatch. Since they can't, they don't.
If a compliance monitor is necessary, why did the court appoint one who then had to hire someone else to make up for his lack of antitrust expertise?
Agreed. I suspect the only people holding the iPad Mini closer than the iPad Air are children. (Edit: and probably the people like me whose eyes suck and they're trying to see what that tiny text says! :) )
New Posts  All Forums: