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That's what I figure.
I know what I *think* the answer to this is, but does this agreement mean MS gets to keep collecting money from Android device makers?
Actually I did have a clue. You'll find it when I referred to the mindless vitriolic hysteria that people engage in when it touches on Apple. See my Crips vs Bloods remark. Cook is guilty at the very least of a clumsiness if he wasn't directing his remarks at least partially at Sorkin. And in that case, a person of honor and class would feel he owes Sorkin an apology, seeing as his own blow came first. He is far too powerful and his words carry far too much weight for him...
We'll trade hints then. Here's yours: Sorkin didn't do "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine". By all accounts, Sorkin's work is apparently a pretty decent account of Jobs. And by the couple of accounts I've read of "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine", that filmmaker is kind of an ass-hat. Mr. Cook is one of the most visible and powerful people in business. Someone with that kind of power should be very, very careful with cutting remarks. Restraint is a virtue. As can be...
Sorkin's remarks might have been more over the top, but Tim Cook did shoot first, and without any good reason. He didn't say this about Walter Isaacson. Seriously people, use a little more judgement than just this Crips vs Bloods mentality.
As soon as I can run Xcode, Modo, and ZBrush on it, I might go along with that. Until then, I need a new Mac. Mine's getting kinda long in the tooth.
Quite true. I'm not objecting to the Apple event. I'm objecting to the misuse of the word "everything", when such an important "something" wasn't part of it.
"New everything." Except, you know, new Macs. 
Gotcha. I can never keep up with the intel processor numbers. I thought that might be what you meant when you said 'i5-6500'. I'm aware of the different categories of i5 and i7 but never remember their numbers. Thanks for clarifying. Out of curiosity, though, I know that the iMacs get mobile GPUs but I thought they got desktop CPUs, just not Xeons. The iMacs don't get desktop processors?
It's only a few minutes into the iPad Multitasking lecture. He says "Remember last year, we showed you a bunch of interface changes that later made sense in light of a then-unnacounced product?" And then he went on to basically say the same thing was happening there in his talk about the iPad and added "emphasis on P" and everyone in the room understood him. edit: "Optimizing Your App for Multitasking on iPad in iOS 9" I think it is. It's pretty soon into the lecture.
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