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 hahahahaha. Just another person who can't figure out the use-case scenario for a 1 pound portable computer you can take with you everywhere vs a large box tied to a large screen tied to a wall socket. 
OMG, what a dull, drab song. I wish someone had let the band finish waking up before they started recording.
Hey AI...   Are you planning to finish that last sentence?
I don't have a problem to this in theory, but the timing is definitely asinine. Beats has been stealing Bose technology and doing well in the marketplace... but it wasn't worth suing until it was owned by Apple. That just reeks of poor form, IMHO.
Think of the lawyers, people. For God's sake. Think of the lawyers! They have to eat too. On Gulfstream jets...
It might be a neat idea. But all it takes is one skateboarder to get in (or just cause) a terrible wreck and say that the controls didn't work (when all he did was get flustered), and the lawyers will have a feast.
Jeez. Wherever do those guys get their ideas? Oh wait.    Seriously, though, sites like this must be the best goldmine for Samsung. You do all the legwork for them and give them huge lead times on everything Apple might have up its sleeves.
Considering eBay was recently hacked, I wonder if there's a connection. But it seems like there's much more lucrative things you could do if you'd hacked eBay than just ransom some iPhones. Who knows though.
Yeah, but DDR4 is only going to be for servers. 
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