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I'm hoping it has a pressure sensitive pen support. Even the new Wacom creative stylus 2 is problematic. I would love to use an iPad as an art tablet.
The iPad 2 was an excellent upgrade in my opinion. It was would have been worth it for no other reason than the fingerprint reader. I love that thing. But the machine is noticeably faster than my 1st gen Air.
To the people guessing it's in reference to a Mac mini update: the Mac mini isn't a big enough product for Apple, to be worthy of that being the meaning.    It seems like we primarily think of this as being an iPad event, so "way too long..." SINCE WE GAVE YOU A NEW SCREEN SIZE? That seems like a reasonable possibility. The iMac is a big category too, so they might be going retina. That might be a way too long. Way too long since we fiddled the size of the Macbook Air?...
Sorry. I figured the primary connection to the computer was on the side. I have a couple of USB hubs that connect from the side and offer the expansion ports on the back. The limited photos allowed my imagination to fill too much in. Nevertheless, the point stands. The OP was being untruthful, whether by accident or not it doesn't matter.
I see 2 Thunderbolt ports on the back. So he's still wrong.
Reading comprehension fail "two Thunderbolt 2 ports, one HDMI port, three USB 3.0 ports that support charging, two audio output jacks --?one on the front, and one rear-mounted jack that supports microphone input -- alongside one gigabit ethernet port"
 hahahahaha. Just another person who can't figure out the use-case scenario for a 1 pound portable computer you can take with you everywhere vs a large box tied to a large screen tied to a wall socket. 
OMG, what a dull, drab song. I wish someone had let the band finish waking up before they started recording.
Hey AI...   Are you planning to finish that last sentence?
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