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Please stop quoting Shaw Wu. So many of these "Analyst" rumors are caught in a self-affirming feedback loop between themselves and the rumor sites. I'd rather have fewer articles written, than a colorful rehashing of what I've already read here, on MacRumors, and everywhere else...
Great. The last thing windows needs is another layer that will require legacy support for the next 30 years... I'm totally happy with Win7 for my windows partition. It's working great and I couldn't be happier. Don't fix what isn't broken.
Attention people of Earth. Obama using an iPad is "news." That is all.
Just yesterday, following my car breaking down in the frigid Minnesota winter, I would've killed to be able to just press a button say, "find the nearest service station" without having to remove my gloves... -Clive
Finally. The mansion stories with the bleeding-heart defenders of "history" pontificating in the forums about something they know nothing about is finally over. And so they will move on to some other subject to misinformantly preach on.
So let me get this straight. Apple will offer a smaller, lighter iPhone, potentially using and advanced natural voice navigation system, and cloud-based on-demand access of one's content without sacrificing battery life -- cheaper than the full-sized iPhone? Since when did AI become as ridiculous as the Hollywood tabloids?
Yes, sightless operation really is a convenience, and Voice Command doesn't quite cut it yet. I should be able to "play [song] by [artist]" instead of "next-ing" through an entire album... Annoying. -Clive
Munster has been barking up this tree for years, and for years, I've said he's full of it. There's nothing Apple can bring to the television set that it can't solve with AppleTV... Even the TV interface if it wanted to... Just add throughput to it, and now you're watching TV through Apple's box with Apple's UI. -Clive
@Marvin: agreed, the weight distribution might be an issue, although, a larger "foot" and properly balanced spring weights would solve the problem, I think, though may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the original!
Have we all forgotten so soon??? (sorry, ThisIsMike, couldn't watch your vid link from work; didn't mean to steal your thunder.) -Clive
New Posts  All Forums: