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The cameras should stream to Time Capsule, then you'd use Apple TV to watch the footage. If you're going to fantasize, get it right.
Apple may adopt Canmore to lower the price, in which case 1080p would come for free.
Nobody used FW 1600, so why would they care about 3200?
They can just buy one. ARM is quite promiscuous about licensing.http://www.arm.com/products/licensing/licencees.html
Tolapai is for routers/NAS and Canmore is for STBs. Neither one is for mobile devices. Intel's marketing is either broken or genius.
I doubt Intel will skip all the way from Penryn to Westmere. I can imagine a dual-core mobile Nehalem in Q2 2009.
The OLPC has the motherboard behind the screen, but its design is quite different from other laptops.
No, this is about making the cache larger. They can't fit even 1GB of DRAM on a chip, so this won't be used for main memory. Also, Intel appears to be behind the state of the art, which is 1T eDRAM.
Hey, it evens out the heat.
CONFIRMED: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...icktime_x.html OpenCL sounds a lot like Apple's version of CUDA.
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