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By any recognized definition, I can't find any authoritative resource (1-3) that would rule out "Communism" to categorize the government of China.* Unless you are adding Fascist as an epithet. (4) A word of warning, labeling a country as fascists because of the 'brutal murders of peaceful protesters' as you so rightly describe, begs the question. "How would you label America after the Kent State Massacre?" (5) 1. What us a fascist? BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | What is a...
Haven't been here for awhile. See it hasn't changed. Same amount of FUD. Your Facist 'moniker' for China, is a great example of it.
Same numbers. Arranged differently: 8,224
Unfortunately Dick you are talking to the senseless.
Nearly two years old. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2009/01/06mbp.htmlhttp://www.apple.com/macbookpro/battery/
Right on. Too bad we have some many a-holes hear professing to be experts.
You have to be kidding. This coming from one of the most bitchers in this forum.
So what Mac do you have?
Don't bother asking him. He doesn't have one and is just trolling.
Although my main Mac is a MacBook Pro, I can't quite agree that writing on the iPad isn't a thing to do. But, based on what I heard to date, the new MacBook Air will definitely be up for consideration. As for the iPat, I got the Taptyping app and have increased my typing skills on my iPad to nearly 40 words per minute (WPM). One day, I hope to meet this girl's* 75-92 WPM level. Most of the time for large documents, I simply use my Bluetooth keyboard. As well, using...
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