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Stupid question, what about spyware and adware? I am fairly new to Macs as well.
Could I just get a 1GHz dual cpu and stick it in? I hear the MB is the same.
Well, it is the system in my sig. It has 256k L2 Cache and no L3. The bus speed is 133MHz. I could not find a dual 1GHz in my pricerange.
I was just curious what my computer in my signature is, in relationship to the PC world. I just wanted a MAC to try. It seems nice and fast for internet and the basics, but is there any potential to this system? The fact that it uses SDRAM is the scary part.
Im farily new to macs in general and am confused about one thing. In windows, you can always update the browser regardless of your windows version. OSX 10.2.8 is not all that old but I cannot update safari to 2.0.4 like in 10.4.7. Is support for 10.2.8 discontinued? Am I forced to use firefox if I want an up to date browser? BTW, this is on an old Beige G3 so 10.2.8 is the highest OS.
I fianlly got it going by using (1) x 128MB SDRAM. If I filled the banks with 3 it would not work. All 3 work fine now that it is installed. Even though 10.2.8 is officially supported, man is it ever slow. I installed 768MB of ram and it only made a minor improvment. Oh well, I can't complain as I got the tower out of the trash during a down pour, so I can be thankfull it even works.
Got a retail set of 10.2 OS X discs. After paritioning my HD to less than 7.45GB (REV A Board) it will start installing. Once it hits about 18min left, the screen goes blank and the computer seems locked. Second attempt after reseting (P RAM) I actully got the monitor to stay on but it said "OUT OF SCAN RANGE". Third attempt, I used a 4.3GB HDD and it did not help either. Any ideas? Mac says officially supports OS x 10.2.8 as the last version. SPECS: G3...
Marvin, you seem to know the value of these pretty well, how about this one? The seller gave me a second chance offer. Here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...DME:B:SCO:US:1 It does come with 17" LCD and KB/MS, and software.
I am totally new to macs and was curious if you can play any games on these. I specifically like Medal of Honor Allied Assault up to the last expansion pack. Do you have to buy MAC only software or will PC software work?
Do you think this was a rip off? I was almost going to go for this but backed out and let the others take over. Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1
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