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Hahaha, that's exactly what I thought when I read that.
I would LOVE a green iPod mini colored/textured iBook/MacBook. Would be gorgeous.
The "PowerBook" name, not to the same extent as the iBook, also had brand recognition. The fact that they tacked "Pro" onto the end of "MacBook" indicates differentiation from another line of MacBooks. If they didn't change the name of the iBook, then they would most likely introduce an entirely new line of notebooks. I'd say it's more likely the iBook turns into the "MacBook" versus having three notebook lines.
Buy the 5G iPod and get a cheap shuffle for exercise.
I LOOOOOVE my PX-200s. Great sounding, sturdy, and reliable headphones and they aren't too expensive.
Hey everyone. I feel like crap because all of my topics are questions. I do try to help out others when I can and actually know the answers (heh, rarely). Anyway, I'm taking an online course and was wondering if there was a way to create a special mailbox so when I get an email from either my college, or my professor, it goes straight to that particular mailbox folder in Mail. Secondly, is there anyway to change your .Mac email address? The one that I made...
I think some banks offer those pre-paid Visa cards. The other option you're referring to is a checking account w/ an ATM/Debit card.
This happens every time I try to stream an apple event. The video jumps and sometimes gets all blocky and the audio will skip on and off. Is there a fix for this? I don't know what the problem could be. I have a 933 Mhz G4 with the latest Mac OS and Quicktime software installed and a cable connection. Anyone else having similar problems or know how to fix this? EDIT - I'm guessing everyone is trying to watch it and there isn't enough bandwidth to go around. Guess...
I had the exact same problem when running on my treadmill. The iPod's included earbuds would continuously fall out. In-ear headphones are not the best for running IMO. If you accidentally tug on the cord they will fall out easier than a headset will come off. Also, because they are inserted into your ear canal, if the wire is touched, rubbed, etc., you will hear a disturbance in your music. I opted for the Sennheiser PX200's. Fairly comfortable with amazing sound...
"There are too many other things I rather spend my money on." Like black tar heroin....oh wait that's me. Yeah for random drug references!
New Posts  All Forums: