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Fanboys all of you that keep on defending Apple and denying the problem because you have not experienced the problem or more likely because you don't "think" that the problem exists. I love Apple products but when they make a mistake we have to recognize it and not stick our heads in the sand. I have an iPhone 4. I don't live in a poor reception area. I ca reproduce the signal drop 100% of the time. Aside from that the iPhone 4 is a great device but Apple's denial of...
Too expensive! Not much more than what you can already get for free. They shoul be bending over backwards to get businesses not trying to gauge them especially in this economy. I am a small business owner and an Apple business customer and it will be a cold day in he'll when I hand over $500 for this. I rather buy an iPad and schedule a free Genius session through the free Apple Store app.
Awesome! Did anyone notice how long ago this change was made? Is this something that was changed as soon as the i5/7 processors were available (ie Intel promotion) or something that just happened in anticipation of the new MacBook Pros? I hope the latter is true. I need to get my MacBook already!!
New Posts  All Forums: