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I just caught up with Brothers and Sisters. I just watched the double episode "Troubled Waters." It was devastating. One of the best episodes ever!
What about burning a purchased CD from iTunes to disc, and giving the disc to a friend? So I guess i'll continue to do things that fall under fair use, such as creating music videos out of movies and music that i've purchased, etc.
I'm 3/4ths of the way through the first season of Brothers and Sisters. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again! I'll come back to this thread when i'm done with Brothers and Sisters!
I came in here to find out what is legal and what's not. But thanks for your input.I guess i'll go ask a lawyer.
I'm not on a crusade of righteousness. It's just wrong to listen to and enjoy a CD of music that you didn't pay for. The artist put time, effort and money into creating it, and they deserve to be paid. I just deleted thousands of tracks from my iTunes library and spent over $200 at the iTunes Store, re-acquiring the CD's that I really wanted. It's just wrong to get somebody's product without paying, when they put a price tag on it. Can anyone answer my question about the...
I was going to say, what does "yes it's fine" mean? Is it illegal or not?edit: Here's another question. My family members have all installed Leopard on their Macs, using my single user disc. If I buy a family pack of Leopard, does that for all practical purposes make their installations legal? Or do they actually have to reinstall leopard on their machines using the family pack disc?
What about borrowing a CD from the library, importing it into iTunes, and then returning it? Is that legal?
I've decided to go 100% legal, and remove from my computer anything that is not legal. I've removed all software, music and videos that I had on the machine that I had not paid for, and would within the law be required to pay for in order to acquire. This included any copyrighted music, tv shows, videos or software downloaded via bittorrent, or something like acquisition. What I'm unsure about are the following things. Are these illegal? 1. Ripping a movie that...
Alright, I got the first episode of Brothers and Sisters from iTunes, and just watched it. That's the series i'll be watching. Thanks everybody!
Thanks. Keep in mind, whatever series I choose, i'll be starting from the beginning of Season 1. Any more recommendations? At this point it's between Brothers and Sisters and Six Feet Under... unless some new better looking show comes to my attention.
New Posts  All Forums: