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And then you're stuck with five installs of Office 365.
 With 513,000 in the settlement class, that's $2.59 each. With some of the money going to "administrative costs", it's even less. Even assuming only 35% of the class fills out the paperwork and actually applies, that's still going to be only about $7 each. "Full refunds are not guaranteed" - you think?
It would be great if it were like Spaces (in Snow Leopard). I use the app TotalSpaces2 to almost duplicate what Spaces was like.
Keep hoping - it ain't going to happen. Apple will end up owing very little, probably nothing, for these obvious patents, which could very well be declared invalid - they're so general as to be ridiculous. Please enlighten us on exactly how Apple is abusing the patent system in the same way. Apple has patented a lot of ideas they haven't used (yet), but they haven't sued anyone over them. Their lawsuits have been over tangible products. Sorry your Apple-hatred has eaten...
Yeah, and when you sell a CD through a record store, the store takes 50%. Have you filed a complaint about that also?
It used to be that when someone worked for a Japanese company, they were there for life, and the company was loyal to the worker also. It's a different world now.
Don't worry about it - size doesn't matter.
You might have a point if 90% of ads weren't dancing toilet paper rolls or singing fudge bars.
Obviously, not so obviously.
Sometimes they pay a lot less than what is "legally" possible. Hopefully that's not the case with Apple in Ireland.
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