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Yeah, and when you sell a CD through a record store, the store takes 50%. Have you filed a complaint about that also?
It used to be that when someone worked for a Japanese company, they were there for life, and the company was loyal to the worker also. It's a different world now.
Don't worry about it - size doesn't matter.
You might have a point if 90% of ads weren't dancing toilet paper rolls or singing fudge bars.
Obviously, not so obviously.
Sometimes they pay a lot less than what is "legally" possible. Hopefully that's not the case with Apple in Ireland.
They are investigating. IF these companies followed the law, they won't be fined, even if they took advantage of loopholes. However, the government absolutely should investigate whether laws were broken, and whether certain loopoholes should be closed. Just like in the U.S., when huge corporations get out of paying taxes, it needs to be investigated, and the loopholes closed.
Not every product Apple (or any company) sells has to make a gazillion dollars. Yeah, tell Apple what it needs to focus on - I'm sure they're grateful for your all-knowing amateur pontifications of what's best for them.
 The appeal of the DOJ case was heard on December 15 - they said at the time that a ruling could take "up to six months." Apple's case to get Bromwich removed was heard in March - I don't know how long that ruling is expected to take.
I guess you didn't buy a 2010 MacBook Pro with the defective graphics that had kernel panics all the time. It also had bulging batteries. Both issues had repair programs for them, but mine didn't really get the constant kernel panics until after the 3-year window for the repair program.
New Posts  All Forums: