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Why? It's just somebody's opinion, worth about as much as any other opinion. No reason to get excited.
You need to supply some evidence of that - it's the coward's way out to just say "everybody cheats."
Check out this story from this morning:http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysomaney/2015/11/10/apple-continues-to-get-slammed-on-commissionbonus-related-actionable-research/?utm_campaign=yahootix&partner=yahootix​ He points out that brokers at Credit Suisse can now tell Apple longs to sell because of the weak report, and also tell clients who don't own Apple stock to buy at the lower price. The result is more sales commissions, just in time to increase the brokers' end-of-year...
What are you, a cheesy novel writer? What a ridiculous scenario. A few people sued, they lost, life goes on. I hope you're not a manager somewhere that actually treats your employees the way you imagine others do.
And some of them complained even louder when Apple started selling ONLY glossy displays - that was pretty ugly for a while. There were a bunch of people here at the time who were saying the complainers were stupid and crazy, and it was a new world, and everything would be glossy from then on. Then Apple started putting an anti-reflective coating on MacBook Pros, and then started making everything else anti-reflective. Apple even featured it as part of their advertising for...
A world in which there is very little profit being made by Android phones, and less and less PCs are being sold every year. Oh wait, that's the world we're living in right now.
That was the jury decision itself. Today's development is that the judge accepted the jury's award, rather than reducing it (as judges sometimes do).
 Wozniak was consulted for the film (before it was filmed). He never saw it as it was being made, and didn't know the tenor of it. I posted this link in the other "Steve Jobs" movie story, but this is an interesting interview with Woz:https://screen.yahoo.com/popular/steve-wozniak-separates-fact-fiction-225820691.html He loved the movie as an artistic production, but then says it's totally not true, and expands more on that. I had thought of Woz negatively, but after...
Woz loved the film artistically, but says it's all made up: https://screen.yahoo.com/popular/steve-wozniak-separates-fact-fiction-225820691.html
Sorkin writes fantasy - "The Social Network" was totally not true, but still an entertaining movie that I liked. I only became angry later, because seeing the movie (without any prior knowledge) had me believing that it was the real story. 
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