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There's a lot more also. A very big one is that Lisa lived with Jobs and his new family while she was in high school - the movie makes a big point out of saying that Lisa and Steve didn't reconcile (or even speak) until much later.  There's an interesting interview of Wozniak (with Bloomberg's Emily Chang). He starts off by saying it's a brilliant movie and he loved it, then piece by piece explains how nothing in the movie is as it happened. He says "everything in the...
The $120 million would be ticket receipts, which are shared with the theatres;  also, anyone who has a percentage interest in the film gets paid out of the receipts. So the actual amount that goes to the studio will be much less than $120 million (maybe only half that much?). That said, your point about Hollywood accounting is a good one, though it doesn't look like it quite applies here. 
Just because Jobs chose Isaacson to write his biography doesn't mean Isaacson did a good job. My opinion is that it was entertaining to read, but Isaacson inserted all sorts of psychobabble to try to "explain" why Jobs did and said certain things. Such as, pulling up the fact Jobs was adopted to explain his drive for success - pure psychobabble. It also felt like the last third of the book was rushed and not very well done, just so they could get it published right after...
My understanding is the bugs had to do with Outlook, and not Word or Excel. I personally won't use Office 2016, because it doesn't allow setting up my own toolbars anymore. The ribbon is a no-go.
I was in that downtown Portland store for the first time last week (during lunch break from jury duty a couple of blocks away), and it was totally full. A bit chaotic for my taste - just less so than a public market in China. I usually go to the Bridgeport Village store, which is a bit more peaceful, but still has plenty of customers.
Not even that - his only job, as per the court order, is to verify that Apple has a program in place to train and inform employees about antitrust compliance. That's it. He has no mandate to investigate Apple's actions in any other way - under the court's order, he cannot look for evidence of antitrust violations, and he can't ask or report on Apple's negotiations with the music companies or the book publishers. All of that is outside his jurisdiction. He's either too...
Besides that, there's no treatment of Jobs' marriage and his later 3 kids. Even Isaacson's book shows him to be a good father and husband, and also tells of his many acts of kindness to his friends and former employees, some way beyond what most of us would have done. But the only kind of thing the movies mention (not the Boyle movie, the other one) is that when Jobs was 20 years old he lied to Wozniak about how much money he sold something for, and shorted Wozniak. You...
And then you're stuck with five installs of Office 365.
 With 513,000 in the settlement class, that's $2.59 each. With some of the money going to "administrative costs", it's even less. Even assuming only 35% of the class fills out the paperwork and actually applies, that's still going to be only about $7 each. "Full refunds are not guaranteed" - you think?
It would be great if it were like Spaces (in Snow Leopard). I use the app TotalSpaces2 to almost duplicate what Spaces was like.
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