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Not every product Apple (or any company) sells has to make a gazillion dollars. Yeah, tell Apple what it needs to focus on - I'm sure they're grateful for your all-knowing amateur pontifications of what's best for them.
 The appeal of the DOJ case was heard on December 15 - they said at the time that a ruling could take "up to six months." Apple's case to get Bromwich removed was heard in March - I don't know how long that ruling is expected to take.
I guess you didn't buy a 2010 MacBook Pro with the defective graphics that had kernel panics all the time. It also had bulging batteries. Both issues had repair programs for them, but mine didn't really get the constant kernel panics until after the 3-year window for the repair program.
Maybe they should make Yosemite into a first class operating system before they come out with a new one.   I like Yosemite, but there are still a lot of annoyances, and they're still fixing major bugs. I hope Apple concentrates on that, instead of introducing 200 new features and changing dozens of interface elements, and then spending the next year fixing what doesn't work, before introducing the next OS in 2016 and starting the cycle all over again.
I haven't tried the preview, but it appears you can't set up toolbars with exactly the tools you want anymore - you have to use the ribbon to get any tools across the top. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's a non-starter for me. The ribbon is a terrible interface. So I'll stick to Office 2011 until it doesn't run anymore (I'd really like to be able to use Office 2004 on a Yosemite computer). Pages and Numbers are definitely not good enough for my needs, especially Numbers....
So does Tonya Harding.
It's certainly more true in the EU than the US, especially in agriculture and food products (GMOs, growth hormones in food, etc).
I can tell.
Latest polls: 54% in favor of legalizing gay marriage, 36% against, 10% undecided. I'd say the majority is on Mr. Cook's side, and history is on his side as well (among younger people, support is even higher - around 65%). Ten years from now even you will be saying gay marriage is no big deal - just like the many racists of the 1950s who convieniently "forgot" they were racists twenty years later.
Use the "Get Info" window to change the permissions of the WebpageIcons.db file to "Read Only". You can also lock the file. I did both - my WebpageIcons.db file is empty. I did it because I hate favicons. This doesn't stop them from being shown, but they get reset when you log out (and they don't get saved).   When you update Yosemite, you may have to do it again (I'm not sure). 
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