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It's certainly more true in the EU than the US, especially in agriculture and food products (GMOs, growth hormones in food, etc).
I can tell.
Latest polls: 54% in favor of legalizing gay marriage, 36% against, 10% undecided. I'd say the majority is on Mr. Cook's side, and history is on his side as well (among younger people, support is even higher - around 65%). Ten years from now even you will be saying gay marriage is no big deal - just like the many racists of the 1950s who convieniently "forgot" they were racists twenty years later.
Use the "Get Info" window to change the permissions of the WebpageIcons.db file to "Read Only". You can also lock the file. I did both - my WebpageIcons.db file is empty. I did it because I hate favicons. This doesn't stop them from being shown, but they get reset when you log out (and they don't get saved).   When you update Yosemite, you may have to do it again (I'm not sure). 
The story doesn't make clear that this chearing was not the appeal of the verdict against Apple. This is a separate matter of whether an independent monitor should have been appointed, and if the way he's doing his job is proper. Apple here is trying to get Bromwich removed.   The actual judgement against Apple was appealed in December. That's the appeal that could overturn the verdict, or send it back for re-trial. It's been 3 months since that hearing, and reporters...
One of the problems is that it goes back a long time. It may not seem so relevant in today's society (although the police killings of African-Americans are a reminder that it's not such a rosy world), but think of the long-term problem. Because of rampant discrimination even through the 1980s, the older generation of African-Americans had much less chance of getting an education, or getting a well-paying job. So many in the newer generation are disadvantaged in a subtler...
They should have negotiated an agreement with Apple to not poach each others' employees. Oh, wait...   Seriously, what is normally called poaching isn't illegal, but as runbuh (runbuh?) points out, encouraging people to violate their non-disclosure, non-compete clauses may have legal repercussions. I'm sure it has to be proven that the clauses were actually breached. A123 went into bankruptcy not that long ago, and was bought out by a Chinese company. I'm sure morale...
Yeah, if you try to use Pay at Walmart, you just might get infected.
I think the target customer is someone who uses the computer on battery power, and just plugs in at night to recharge it.
I agree with your point regarding Apple taking away options, ports, etc. However, in this case THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT. Apple hasn't taken away anything. I've been one of the "whiners" sometimes, too - especially about the glossy screens (which now are much less glossy) and the software changes (iMovie, Final Cut, iWork). But this is a situation of developing a new product to fit in between existing products. I think it's a pretty cool little computer that a lot of people...
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