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You're looking at it upside down - it's 999.
In the news tonight: Apple is still buying Beats, and Generalissimo Franco is still dead.
They may read the New York Times, though. Hopefully the appeals court judges have a wider view of all this, and accept Apple's argument that what they did was legal (because it increased competition). The DoJ should be responding to Apple's appeals court filing very soon.
Apple doesn't enter a market to lose money.
Does anybody here realize that this dispute is over physical books, not ebooks?   These new titles haven't been published yet - Amazon is preventing pre-orders of future physical books. There's no mention of Amazon and Hatchette fighting over ebooks. It's a whole different issue, though it does show how scummy Amazon is, and that they'll do anything to screw the publishers.   The funny thing is that Amazon can't do the same thing against the publishers with ebooks,...
I always wondered why so many Android users don't know which way is up. Now I know.
 In the 3rd paragraph:  "However, as noted by Daring Fireball,..."
This is so awesome.   Now that Google Glass has been shown to give many people headaches (who would have guessed that?), Google could immediately post an aspirin commercial right to somebody's eyeballs. They could even send out a driverless car to go pick it up.   Keep innovating, Google!
It sounds like Iovine and Dr. Dre want all their other partners gone, no matter how they get there. Maybe this is a warning to Apple about doing business with them.   I can't see Apple going through with the purchase as long as these suits are pending, as they would beome Apple's responsibility.
Of course it's a conspiracy. Some of your other points are reasonable, if a bit bombastic, but it's not a conspiracy? The companies had a secret agreement in place that they knew was illegal (as Schmidt admitted in his emails). Definition of conspiracy:  a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
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