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Yeah, like the energy saving modes of MacBook pros. Total fail, right?
Actually, it's very uncommon - in fact, it hasn't been done at all, to charge a percentage of the device's cost for stadards-essential patents. That's what the whole Apple vs. Motorola suit was about, and Motorola lost. It was also Samsung vs. Apple with the ITC, and Samsung eventually also lost. Nokia also tried, and failed as well. What Qualcomm has done at times is charged a percentage of the cost of the part that the Qualcomm chip is installed in, not even close to a...
Emojis still lack diversity - you can't get them out of your computer operating system, so we non-believers aren't allowed to follow our non-beliefs.   To me, emojis are incredibly stupid, and I'd like to never see another one ever.
It was proposed, developed and led by Democrats, particularly LBJ, who shepherded it through a tough Congress, and Northern state Democrats who were strongly in support. It couldn't have passed without Republicans, though, because the Southern anti-civil rights Democrats were against it. It was an odd development - just a few years later, when the Republican Party became strongly anti-civil rights, Southern Democrats like Strom Thurmond switched parties. And those...
I hope it's to get common-sense advice about how Apple's interface works for consumers. Breen was great at showing the changes in each of Apple's OS X iterations, what parts were annoying, and mentioning third-party apps to restore lost functionality. I hope he can push for more flexibility in the OS X interface. I know I'm only dreaming.
Thanks for the post - I had no idea. I've always heard bob, farthing, shilling, quid, etc. in British movies, and had no clue of their value. No wonder so much computer development (Turing etc.) came from England - they needed it to figure out how to buy a sandwich.
There's a difference between laws and regulations.
It was certainly wonderful for American corporations, who repressed ordinary Cubans for money rather than for politics.
Unfortunately, they don't have Chinese (or any other Asian language) - just European ones.
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