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I think you missed the lesson about letting people be who they are. You seem to get annoyed by meaningless things.
Guess you showed him.
No private lawyer would charge that little (11% of the settlement). They would probably take at least 40% of it ($180 million). But these aren't private lawyers - they work for the states' Attorneys General.
No - the lawyers are working for the states who joined together to sue. States' lawyers don't fleece people like private class-action lawyers - they basically charge what it costs to litigate the cases (which still can be expensive).
Yeah, the "Close Encounters" ships won't have to go to Wyoming anymore.
I'm not saying Apple SHOULD do anything, unlike you.   What difference does it make to you if Apple builds a model you're not interested in?
I never understand that thinking. Because you don't want the model with the opical drive and hard drive, they should quit making it? Some prople prefer that model, as several posters here have noted - if Apple's willing to make it, that's great.
No, "factual estimate" is an oxymoron. It's right there in the definition - an estimate is an approximation, an opinion - not a fact. The statement that "My estimate is..." may be factual; a story that reports that "their estimate is..." may be factual; but the estimate itself cannot be factual.
That's exactly what the bill does. If you buy a subsidized phone on contract, when the contract is up you can unlock the phone.
Actually, it's the states' Attorneys General who are suing, so the states get the legal fees, not individual lawyers. That's why the proposed settlement gives a much higher percentage to consumers than most settlements (89% to consumers). Still, the amount to each consumer won't be very much.
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