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And yet, if not for Steve Jobs, Corning wouldn't have even started making Gorilla Glass again - they had no idea what to do with it. And if sapphire weren't a current concern, they wouldn't be making improvements in it. Old school thinking, until they were dragged out of it.
Yeah, who can understand women?
It's always someone else's fault.
Wow, Stop The Presses! Rob Enderle is wrong regarding Apple.
This is awesome - instead of having a spouse tell you your butt's too big, Apple will do it.
Here's another opinion:   "Compared to my iPhone 5S, the Pono Player delivers music while the iPhone delivers a reasonable facsimile thereof. Missing with the iPhone is the wonderful tone, the resolution or ability to hear into the recording, and that natural sounding presentation. Instead, you get a thinner, flatter, more anemic sound. The result being a less engaging experience, the ultimate sound quality of the output is limited by the iPhone's innards."   Pono...
Whoever wrote that is totally FULL OF SHIT - the Pono player will play ANY audio file, including AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AAC and, yes, 128 mbps MP3s. Anything in your iTunes LIbrary, any CD you have, etc. People with absolutely no knowledge of the product are jumping up and down to criticize it, just to make themselves feel better. It's easy to say it's not worth it, it's lousy, etc., when what you really mean is you hope it's bad so you won't feel you're missing...
You seem to be proof that cannabis causes delusions in some people.
It's not $74 million a year, not even close. Most of that figure was as a replacement for Burberry stock options she was giving up by coming to Apple, and will be paid out over several years only if she continues to work there.
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