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It sounds "great"? Only if you're into lower end hi-fi, then it's pretty average. It probably does sound better than Beats headphones, though, with all the unnatural thumping bass. One thing Apple has never been into is really good sound. When Steve Jobs said iTunes tracks sounded as good as CDs, and when he said the newer iPod earbuds were audiophile quality, I lost hope of Apple ever trying to make products with really good sound, or even understanding what good sound...
Very funny. For people who don't get it, Apple is the number one brand in the world, by every survey done in the last few years: most valuable, most respected, most profitable.
You're paranoid.
The difference is Vuitton is quality, and Beats headphones sound like crap. If Apple thinks they sound good, I seriously question Apple's sanity. You can only fool people for so long.
If you're really that shallow, good luck to you.
I don't believe it at all. I would start selling my Apple shares if it turns out to be true - it's incomprehensible.
I hope it does apply to major OS versions - maybe then Apple would get some non-techie feeback about usability issues. (notice that the program asks for feedback on "quality and usability issues").  A major problem with Apple software now is that it seems the people who design it never use it - remember the "Save As..." annoyance, when Apple changed it out of the blue? It still isn't as useful to a lot of us as it used to be. Preview's cropping tool isn't as good as it was...
Please restrain your self - it's out of control.
You dribble on his drivel?
And you hate what you are.
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