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Remember those stories about how the gold color would be a failure, that it wouldn't sell even in China?
"A July 2012 Asia-Pacific color trend forecast by global chemical giant BASF predicted a movement toward culturally significant hues. Reds, golds, and "colors of nature" like brown and olive were expected to see a rise in popularity." Brown is coming back - maybe there will finally be a market for the Zune after all.
If they did that, there'd be no one left but the janitor.
Apple tried (in 2006) to build a new store in Northwest Portland, but got shot down by a design review committee. Apple abandoned the effort rather than change it. I'm glad it didn't happen - the Pioneer Place site and design will be so much better. Here's a little history:   Portland Design Commission approves new Pioneer Place Apple Store plan
This is a pretty funny thread. Everyone (except a few) are so offended. Take your ball and go home. But remember that even the mighty Steve Jobs compromised on the designs of some of the Apple Stores.
Only on AI? That figure is taken directly from the Reuters story. 
Here are even more details of B&N's testimony:   The Apple e-book antitrust trial: Enter Barnes & Noble - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech
Maybe this will help you (I agree that AI just slapped this story together, and did a pretty bad job).   The judge in the Apple e-book antitrust case loves her iPad - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech
Commenting at its worst.
It's only funny if you're 14 years old. Actually, not so much even then. 
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