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That statement, however, is depressing, and doesn't inspire confidence that Apple will produce anthing with high-quality sound.
I totally agree. It's nice that you can block website data in addition to cookies (you can't in Snow Leopard's Safari), and it's also nice you can just allow cookies from the current website, but that's worthless if you can't still block 3rd party cookies. Hopefully there'll be a lot of feedback on this, and it will be changed. There should be a separate button to block 3rd party cookies, so you can leave it selected no matter what other cookies you allow. 
Sounds like you don't realize that Apple's laying the software foundation for some great future products, probably this fall.
That's creepy, and why I've never had a Google account. I've used Bing for quite a while now, and I have no problem at all with the search results.
So don't switch. Wow, that was easy. You could have saved all your ranting for something else.
 Aren't you missing the point? It has nothing to do with the relative merits of NeXT vs. Beats. It's only mentioning that when Apple acquired NeXT, Apple's very existence was on the line - it spent 15% of the entire worth of Apple on NeXT. Apple was crumbling at that point, and bet it all on Steve Jobs and a radically new operating system. Big risk, but big reward. The Beats buy, on the other hand, is merely a blip in Apple's finances. That's all the article says.
I'm really looking forward to Neil Young's Pono project, set to come out later this year with high-end sound, high-quality portable players, high-resolution music downloads, and its own desktop music software. I hope they can execute all these things.
Nobody seems to realize that Iovine was talking in general about earbuds that come with phones - not specifically Apple's earbuds.
I hope Apple improves on the sound front - the old Apple Hi-Fi speaker did not sound good - they went for volume instead of clear sound, just like Beats goes for heavy bass instead of clear sound.
Wow - you're reading all that into a paragraph on his blog. "It's about his tone", "he's not being truthful", etc. Wow again. I find his statement totally believable.
New Posts  All Forums: