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It IS really strange that a suit can be filed by people who weren't eligible, and now the lawyers can carry on the suit and try to find people who qualify. I think the judge is handling it correctly for now, but how aggrieved can people be when the lawyers can't find anyone who gives a crap about this case? If the lawyer finds somebody, it'll probably be someone who really wants to be on the Jerry Springer Show, but has to settle for this trial.   Out of 8 million iPod...
The more you look into it, the more aghast you will become. It's amazing the scams lawyers can use in these "class-action" suits. Here's one example: http://www.forbes.com/sites/danielfisher/2014/12/05/pirates-booty-case-collapses-as-food-makers-fight-back/
I remember when Real was an actual company, with its proprietary internet media player. It wouldn't let you play Real content on any other player (like QuickTime), and it was really annoying. NPR used it for a time for streaming stories from their website.   I wonder what Real would have done if a company had hacked their RealPlayer DRM.
Don't be ridiculous - stories like this don't change Apple's stock price one penny.
Rubicon says "We look forward to providing buyers with access to the unprecedented audience targeting capabilities iAd brings to automated advertising." That's a lot more than showing car part ads in a car-related app.
I don't invest in things that annoy me, and advertising companies annoy me greatly.
From your keyboard to Tim's ear - don't be scummy, Apple.
Yeah, the EU's more stringent regulation of toxics is terrible, as is their requiring genetically modified foods to be labelled, more regulation of irradiated food, and scientific-based regulations for education and health, instead of religious ones as in the U.S. You get more ridiculous every day.
Apps with advertising should say so before you download them.
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