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You think if someone can listen to 90 seconds of a song they'll just do that instead of buying it? 30 seconds of a song is not very useful when you're trying to discover new music that you've never heard. It's okay if you're just trying to find a song you heard on the radio and know you want to buy it, to make sure it's the same song. But when you're looking for new music, 30 seconds can be very deceiving. This is a huge disappointment if it spreads to the entire store. I...
Instead of just plugging Amazon at the end of the story, you might mention that the hardcover is also available at many other book stores. You may get some compensation for plugging Amazon, but you're still somewhat of a news organization, and you could mention other booksellers. If this title were published by Hachette, would you still plug Amazon and its delayed shipping of Hachette books?
 No, it's more like patenting the idea of a flying machine in the 1880s, without specifying how it would work, and then suing the Wright Brothers because they figured it out.
Someone should tell that to the patent office.
Lots of bitter people here today. I enjoyed reading the story - I have no agenda like you do. Why waste your time like that?
Mostly a waste of money, more like it. Look at google glass - you can call it a hardware product, but its purpose is first to gain publicity (it's not going to be profitable), and second to serve ads to those dumb enough to buy it.
Lawsuits where Motorola demands excessive fees for standard-essential patents are pretty evil - Motorola has lost them all, and has been threatened with penalties by the European Union and the Justice Department over its tactics.
Wow - way to slam everybody. Why so bitter? The fact is, tech workers were screwed by Apple, Google, etc. There's no doubt about that - some workers were screwed royally, particularly the ones Google was going after (until Jobs put a stop to it). The problem is, as you say, there's no way of knowing how many workers would have been recruited by the other companies, or which workers were in demand. So there's no way to come up with a fair settlement - in an ideal world,...
I know nothing about Dre, and have no problem with Apple hiring him. I also have no problem with the Beats acquisition - I have no idea why Apple bought them, and what will come of it. It could be a great business decision. I just hope he has a much different job at Apple - leave the sound design to others.
Wasn't Scott Forstall supposed to be the next Steve Jobs?
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