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Yes, I am. "Citing sources familiar with Apple's corporate structure..." Who exactly would that be? To name the person, using only an anonymous source is really chicken-shit. They don't even claim that the source is someone who currently works at Apple. You bet your booty I don't trust the story.
I guess 2014 is not like 1984. (cue hammer throw at Google).
I have some vowels for sale cheeeeaaaap.
Can't you write one story about Macs where you don't plug your advertising partners?
In the first place, the whole thing isn't true - just a rumour. Second, everyone said the same thing about Dropbox, when they declined to be bought out by Steve Jobs. He told them it was the biggest mistake they'll ever make, and that they'll be bankrupt soon. Well, guess what happened? Dropbox is doing VERY well, and Apple's Cloud services are full of problems. Yeah, they were morons too.
LIghten up - people can be the way they want to be. So now it's okay with you if someone is gay, they just can't talk in a certain way that you don't approve of. I guess that's progress.
Yeah, their mistake was mandating that the thing actually works, and has some form of security protection and no crapware. I can see why the other manufacturers would complain - they had no shot.
Thanks for letting us know. Since I've never heard of it, I searched for IFA on Bing, and got one hit (on the second page) for an electronics trade show in Berlin next week, leading me to their official website, which had no real information on it. I got dozens of hits for the International Fertilizer Association, though.
I think you missed the lesson about letting people be who they are. You seem to get annoyed by meaningless things.
Guess you showed him.
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