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From your keyboard to Tim's ear - don't be scummy, Apple.
Yeah, the EU's more stringent regulation of toxics is terrible, as is their requiring genetically modified foods to be labelled, more regulation of irradiated food, and scientific-based regulations for education and health, instead of religious ones as in the U.S. You get more ridiculous every day.
Apps with advertising should say so before you download them.
Are you serious? iTunes has been using a "Get" button for Podcasts since forever.
I've never bought anything at Walmart, never been on their website. It's not worth it.
You're younger than I thought if you don't remember the telecom deregulation in the 1980s that screwed everything up.
   It's good to be the King.
Yeah, Cue sold about 2% of his stock - really a danger sign. I'm glad you're happy in your anti-Apple fantasy land.
I disagree with just about everything you wrote. When you use real people as your subjects, you should tell the real story. Also, I found the recent PBS series on the Roosevelts more entertaining than any movie I've seen in years. Knowing it's actually true (though things like FDR refusing U.S. entry to Jews escaping the Holocaust were left out) added a lot to my enjoyment. If I watch the Jobs movie, I'll be sitting there thinking about how phony it is, just as in "The...
This won't be the movie you're looking for. With Sorkin writing the script (he's the one who totally fabricated Zuckerberg's story in "The Social Network"), don't expect it to be reality-based.  Also, apparently, the movie will consist of just 3 scenes, all set backstage before important Apple keynotes. It could be somewhat clever, but I expect it to not be based in reality (the scenes will be metaphors for various parts of his life), and full of typical Hollywood...
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