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  I was hoping last year that there would be a moment at the end when Tim Cook would say "And there's one more thing..." It could have been an amazing moment - momentary silence, followed by a standing ovation in honor of Steve. Not a dry eye in the house.
This is not the Chinese government - this is an environmental activist group.
It looks like half the solar panels are in the shade.
What an incredible post. "Everyone says" this, and "everyone says" that. The sky is falling.    "Even Samsung is now said to be pummeling Apple from all sides." Ever hear of the "rope-a-dope"? You've been roped.
Maybe the point of this is the word "all". If Jobs means Apple and all the publishers agreeing to this together, the DOJ may have a point. There better be other evidence to support that, however, because if this is all they've got, they have nothing.
I'm still using iTunes 9 because of its flexibility - especially being able to scale the artwork in list view as large as I want (and the album names are underneath the artwork instead of to the side). It's much more attractive. Fortunately, I don't need the features of version 10 or 11.
Being as one use of the word "bit" is for a comedy skit, I think it could be appropriate.
If Browett were still in charge of Retail, you'd bring in an iPhone needing repairs and you'd get back a Samsung fished out of a garbage can.
Hopefully it will inspire them to not be so geeky with the user interface, so it's actually intuitive, flexible and more usable (and with a better graplhic design sense).
You'd think Samsung would at least give him a phone to use, and show him how to use it. Maybe he gave it away to his poorer relatives.
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