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Are you saying that he's using simplified characters? I can't decipher it because it's too cursive for me, so I can't tell, but I'd be surprised if he wasn't writing in traditional characters.
There are 5,000 characters in most common use (that's the number given for being able to read a newspaper), and about 1/3 of them have been simplified. A friend of mine is 70 years old, native-born Chinese, and she can't recognize individual words in simplified characters very easily at all. She can figure out more in reading a text, as a lot of the characters haven't changed, so she can guess more accurately. Older people who still live in China have a much better...
I hope they have a better contractor than the one who built my house.
The psychological damage he suffered is unimaginable.
The joke is that you apparently thought this case would have an effect on Apple's stock price. Why in the world would Apple's stock price go up after this verdict? Expect the same when the ebooks decision comes down - no effect on Apple's stock price. More publicity, but no effect - there just isn't that much money involved either way.
You can check this list from time to time - there's a link to banks etc. who have committed to using ApplePay (at least with Visa cards) - "coming soon".    Visa - ApplePay - Financial Institutions | Visa USA  There are about 550 on the list.
The "expert" paid witness for the plaintiffs said the iPods were overpriced by something like $16.48, and resellers were charged something like $5 too much. So his figures mean about $132,000,000 for the 8 million consumers. I don't know how much for the resellers in total, but I don't see how it could get to $350,000,000. Of course, the real damage to consumers was a big fat zero, as in $0. Nobody reported on the testimony by Apple's witnesses that there were no economic...
Remember that the story we are reading is only part of the engineer's testimony. A Wall Street Journal reporter picked out a few statements, and that's it. There's no way of knowing the context, or how the entire testimony went. I wouldn't flip out over the engineer - he was subpoenaed by the plantiffs, and answered the questions. The context will be argued by the plantiffs on one hand, and Apple on the other, particularly during the closing arguments.   Don't rely on...
Looking on the Archos website, they have 8 different mp3 players listed, but NONE are available. I guess they must have quit making them. And FYI, none of the ones they list hold more than 8GB of content. They also (if they actually existed) would not play AAC audio. I have a Pono Player on order - it's too early to see how that will work out. It'll play many formats, including Apple Lossless, AAC, mp3 and FLAC, and I believe they hold 64GB internally, with a card slot for...
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