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I've read that merchants paid $500,000 to $1,000,000 to become a member of CurrentC. That just might factor into what they decide in the future, if MCX makes them choose one or the other.
You didn't notice the "Pony Express" button?
The iPhones were already in production on August 26th*, so GTAT's CEO obviously knew well before then that sapphire wasn't going to be used for the screen. The simplest explanation overwhelmingly is that the CEO is a crook. *on the weekend of September 19th, Apple physically distributed 10 million iPhones. 
If anyone wants to file a complaint with the SEC about the GT CEO's misleading (lying) financial statements and the stock selling by top executives just before the bankruptcy, here's the place:   https://denebleo.sec.gov/TCRExternal/questionaire.xhtml   You don't have to be a shareholder or have suffered a direct financial loss.
Absolutely. When those reports came out that GTAT executives sold off large amounts of stock just before the company declared bankruptcy, it was obvious what kind of people they are.
And why are they regretting it? Because you say so?
Yes, I am. "Citing sources familiar with Apple's corporate structure..." Who exactly would that be? To name the person, using only an anonymous source is really chicken-shit. They don't even claim that the source is someone who currently works at Apple. You bet your booty I don't trust the story.
I guess 2014 is not like 1984. (cue hammer throw at Google).
I have some vowels for sale cheeeeaaaap.
Can't you write one story about Macs where you don't plug your advertising partners?
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