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 Wait until Google starts sending holographic advertising images into your living room when you're lounging around, personalized ads that mention what you're wearing and what you had for dinner, and offers to deliver your daughter's favorite ice cream flavor in 15 minutes. Then tell me you're not worried.
The latest figures, just came out yesterday: Apple sells 40.6% of U.S. albums. That's the market for new albums, and doesn't include used CD sales (a big business), or streaming music subscriptions. Apple sells 63% of paid music downloads (of course, that doesn't include CD sales or subscriptions). That's a monopoly? I buy well over a hundred CDs a year, and maybe 10 downloaded albums from Apple. That's a monopoly? Amazon had 90% of the ebook market, and was threatening...
No - my tracks are Apple Lossless (from CDs), so iTunes Match would DOWNgrade them. Interesting that still 57% of album sales are from CDs. And that doesn't even include the sales of used CDs, which is a very large market itself, but the record industry of course doesn't add in those sales. Adding used CDs in may take CD album sales up to 65% or more of total album sales. For years digi-heads have told us CDs are dead - not true.
Wow, this is really good news. Now we can get the same intelligent radio ads that normal radio stations offer. I enjoy them sooo much.
Other information submitted by Apple:   Five months ago, Bromberg proposed charging $495 an hour to monitor the New Orleans police department (no administrative fee added). The guy is scum.
There are shenanigans here. Apple didn't even know the judge changed the terms, and is getting secret reports from the "monitor".
I believe you're wrong. The total hour figure is not a total for each lawyer (to be multiplied by 5), but rather a measure of the total hours worked by the 5 lawyers. So it is $1100 per hour. The guy admits in his letter that his rate is higher than any lawyer's rate, because he claims to be a consultant, so he is charging consultant's rates. That is not $200/hour. Lawyers don't bill like that. He clearly states his personal fee is $1100 per hour +15% administrative fee....
I totally agree - drop it already, AI, it's bogus.
What in the world are you trying to say? You make no sense.
Then why bother to read the story and write two posts complaining about it? Skip over it - many of us WANT to read such stories. Quit annoying us with your repetitive, whiny posts.
New Posts  All Forums: