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I heard it was 40 million, and they were returned because nobody wanted to buy them. And they were full of radiation, too.
Oops, redundant (and repetitious). And duplicative as well.
It's funny that this story comes on the same day as a story about Apple totally revamping iOS for iOS7, and another one about how Jony Ive is changing the interface in a major way.   And I'm sure the same people who are criticizing Kay now (and defending the current OS) will jump on board with the upcoming changes, and say they are big necessary improvements, and they'll forget how much they ragged on Kay for suggesting changes are needed.   In my opinion, OS X...
Could you actually read the article? His criticism is that they DIDN'T move past the original concepts of Xerox/PARC. The flaws that were in the original GUI are still there, plus some new ones.
I don't understand you people. This is a legitimate company, with a legitimate telecom service, who registered the name years before Apple developed its phone, and they won a legitimate court case. Yet you call them extortionists, criminals or whatever. Look at yourselves first.
I have absolutely no confidence that the sound of this speaker is even passable. Jambox? Muddy bass, as all these types of speakers do. They "port" the bass speaker, which means there's a hole in the casing which lets the bass echo on the way out, giving more volume to the bass, but making it sound muddy (many people like that). I'm sure this doesn't sound any better than the other bluetooth speakers out there - kind of nice build on the outside, but if you think it's...
The reason Google Maps shows Apple's headquarters as a collection of trash bins is because that's where Google goes rummaging to get ideas for Android - trying to find hints in Apple's trash.
What are you talking about? Iovine had a major hand in the careers of Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and others (even Lady Gaga, for what that's worth). He's also a top exec with Universal Music, and (representing Universal) was one of the first to sign on to the original iTunes Music Store. If you get him on board with a music service, the other labels will follow.
Maybe you could come up with something original, or useful.   If a manufacturer discharged chemicals into your yard, you'd be the first to run to a lawyer. Are you 14 years old?
The new iMacs also use a slower, laptop-sized hard drive (spinning at 5400 rpm), and have integrated graphics only (on the 21" model). Pretty disappointing to go backwards just for thinness. The new screen is great, though - much less glare. Speaking of glare, all these same people saying everyone should stop complaining about the lack of an optical drive are the same people who said to stop complaining about glossy screens. Well guess what? Glossy is out.   I make DVDs,...
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