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I don't believe it at all. I would start selling my Apple shares if it turns out to be true - it's incomprehensible.
I hope it does apply to major OS versions - maybe then Apple would get some non-techie feeback about usability issues. (notice that the program asks for feedback on "quality and usability issues").  A major problem with Apple software now is that it seems the people who design it never use it - remember the "Save As..." annoyance, when Apple changed it out of the blue? It still isn't as useful to a lot of us as it used to be. Preview's cropping tool isn't as good as it was...
Please restrain your self - it's out of control.
You dribble on his drivel?
And you hate what you are.
The iPhone 5c was alternating 2nd and 3rd place with the Galaxy S4. Yet the 5c was deemed a failure by everyone, and the S4 trumpeted as a good seller. 
It's obvious by your comments that you live in your own fantasy world.
And those are precisely the ones that don't sell. The Samsung (and other Android) phones that sell are the cheap ones, as this site has pointed out (with the numbers to back it up) many times.
That money was from the publishers, who settled with the government and agreed to pay. What I don't understand is how Apple can be sued by the states, and also by consumers, each asking for hundreds of millions of dollars (with triple damages). Something that wasn't mentioned in this story is that Cote accepted the consumers' experts on damages, but rejected Apple's experts. So again from the start Cote is fixing the trial.
Drama queens everywhere.
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