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Other information submitted by Apple:   Five months ago, Bromberg proposed charging $495 an hour to monitor the New Orleans police department (no administrative fee added). The guy is scum.
There are shenanigans here. Apple didn't even know the judge changed the terms, and is getting secret reports from the "monitor".
I believe you're wrong. The total hour figure is not a total for each lawyer (to be multiplied by 5), but rather a measure of the total hours worked by the 5 lawyers. So it is $1100 per hour. The guy admits in his letter that his rate is higher than any lawyer's rate, because he claims to be a consultant, so he is charging consultant's rates. That is not $200/hour. Lawyers don't bill like that. He clearly states his personal fee is $1100 per hour +15% administrative fee....
I totally agree - drop it already, AI, it's bogus.
What in the world are you trying to say? You make no sense.
Then why bother to read the story and write two posts complaining about it? Skip over it - many of us WANT to read such stories. Quit annoying us with your repetitive, whiny posts.
I'm still using iMovie HD on an older computer with Snow Leopard, because the newer iMovie still cannot handle my iMovie HD projects. I would have to start over totally from the beginning, and would not be able to set up chapters for DVDs like I want to (along with many other functions still lacking from the new iMovie). So yes, they added several missing functions back to the new iMovie, but not nearly enough to replace iMovie HD. And it's been more than 3 years. There...
Here we go again, from people who can't stand it when anything Apple does is questioned. Over and over again their message is "It doesn't matter that the new software can't do half the things the old software did, just shut up and be happy." It didn't matter when the new iMovie took away frame-by-frame editing, the ability to burn DVDs, the ability to add chapter markers, audio editing, compatiblility with earlier iMovie projects, etc. Just shut up and be happy (some of...
Funny you should label this as an "Exclusive" story, instead of an Advertisement, which is what it is. Actually, it's not very funny.
I know one thing he would do without his Note3 - he would keep using his iPhone, just as he does now.
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