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It sounds like Iovine and Dr. Dre want all their other partners gone, no matter how they get there. Maybe this is a warning to Apple about doing business with them.   I can't see Apple going through with the purchase as long as these suits are pending, as they would beome Apple's responsibility.
Of course it's a conspiracy. Some of your other points are reasonable, if a bit bombastic, but it's not a conspiracy? The companies had a secret agreement in place that they knew was illegal (as Schmidt admitted in his emails). Definition of conspiracy:  a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
You people are amazing. It's true that $3 Billion is too much, and most of the workers wouldn't have been poached. But Apple, Google, etc. have clearly broken the law and are in the wrong. Some employees could have switched companies and been on a path to great success - not just money, but higher responsibilities and a better career path. Some of them won't get another chance - hopefully the good ones will. I don't see how you can have such hatred for people who don't...
Other news outlets are reporting that AT&T has been giving out 90-day free subscriptions to Beats as a promotion - that would definitely skew the numbers, as those on a free trial would still count as "paying" subscribers. I'm not sure how other stories can mention that, whereas AI conveniently forgets it. Also, 110,000 is not very many at all - if that's your sample size, it's polly-annish to think that shows Beats Music will be a success. This "deal" is still all rumor,...
Do you even care about the racist overtones of your comment? That "humor" hasn't been funny since 1950.
Oracle has totally screwed the state of Oregon by charging millions of dollars for software systems and then totally botching them, so they don't even work. The worst was Oregon's health care website (called Cover Oregon), which never worked and is now worthless. The state will now have to join the federal exchange, and shut down Cover Oregon. Of course, the state itself screwed up, since it didn't have a system in place to monitor Oracle and find problems early. Ellison...
It sounds "great"? Only if you're into lower end hi-fi, then it's pretty average. It probably does sound better than Beats headphones, though, with all the unnatural thumping bass. One thing Apple has never been into is really good sound. When Steve Jobs said iTunes tracks sounded as good as CDs, and when he said the newer iPod earbuds were audiophile quality, I lost hope of Apple ever trying to make products with really good sound, or even understanding what good sound...
Very funny. For people who don't get it, Apple is the number one brand in the world, by every survey done in the last few years: most valuable, most respected, most profitable.
You're paranoid.
The difference is Vuitton is quality, and Beats headphones sound like crap. If Apple thinks they sound good, I seriously question Apple's sanity. You can only fool people for so long.
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