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With Apple's gross margin being around 36%, that's still a lot of moolah, over $150 million a year.If Dell sold $440 million worth of its low-cost, low-margin computers, its profit would be about $10.
Don't forget that North Carolina gave Dell and (I believe) IBM tax breaks that were north of $200 million or so. I don't know how those deals worked out for the state. I'm curious as to why Apple wouldn't want to go to a colder place for a huge server farm. Google has some in the Pacific Northwest.
How 'bout them Seahawks! Great year they had.
I don't understand this statement - In Tiger's Energy Saver Preference I can set the screen to dim in 10 minutes, and the computer to sleep in 45 minutes. Since I have it set to require a password to wake from sleep, it does exactly what the article says you can't do. Is this different in Leopard?
They're still pretty ugly to me - the color is not great, and I wish they'd go back to angled folders (like Tiger) instead of flat ones (they wouldn't have to be as bright as Tiger folders).
Steve Jobs is a very private person. As in, NOBODY KNOWS how much of a philanthropist he is. As in most things, he's the opposite of Bill Gates, who wants everyone to know exactly how much money he's donating. And there's nothing wrong with either approach. I applaud Gates for his foundation and his philanthropy (though it may be mostly his wife's doing). Except when he donates money for technology to schools, and insists on it being used only for windows...
If you really believe that then I'm surprised you can even feed yourself (maybe you can't).
If they said there might be a surprise, then it wouldn't really be a surprise, now would it?
How does Grand Central factor into this? Isn't that supposed to use the extra cores for more speed, even in apps that don't normally take advantage of the extra cores?
It is - just a really busy one.
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