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The smaller keyboard is the default, but it doesn't cost anything extra to get the full-size one. I'm glad of that - if the keyboard is wired, I would prefer the full-size, with the arrow keys and the number pad. I think some people will not notice, and get the small one by mistake, especially if they buy it in an Apple store - will the clerks tell customers they have a choice, and will they have boxed iMacs with either keyboard in stock?
If this rumour is true, then Apple could have put this update out four months ago, at the same time as the MacBooks. I hope it's not the case that Apple was waiting for the Core i7s, but is skittish about Nvidia's problems with Intel over the newer chips, prompting them to release this less dramatic update now. That would be a bummer. If they release this update with no major announcement, then maybe it's just somethng for the short term while the Intel-Nvidia stuff gets...
The Mighty Mouse is the perfect shape for me. I just wish I didn't have to clean the ball so often.
There's nothing wrong with the current form factor. It's the guts and the software that are important. If those are majorly improved, I'm excited.
It appears they skipped a generation with the iMac - no Santa Rosa, no DDR3 Ram, no LED monitors, etc. You would have thought Apple would have simply updated the iMac when the new MacBook Pros came out. Since they didn't, they maybe are waiting for newer chips? I hope it's not tied up with the fighting between Intel and Nvidia about the Core i7 integrated chipsets - that would be a big bummer if Apple had to release a compromise iMac, or just keep waiting.
No, the G5 Powerbook is LONG overdue...
Relax - the record company still needs pay people to do the grunt work - distribute millions of tracks to Apple, keep records, balance the books, etc. You think they just flip a switch and everything falls into place? Yes, he's a weasel - but don't pop a vein over it.
Can you imagine what Apple's code would be worth to certain other parties? Your post is funny - you always make up scenarios where Apple is the bad guy - can't stand it when other posts disagree with that? You're the negative one.
If this is the kind of crap Apple had to agree to to get the labels to release everything in iTunes Plus, then I guess it's okay - it doesn't do any harm. I'm skeptical about the "exclusives" - probably half-hearted demos and worthless remixes. If there's an album I want, I'll still buy the better-sounding CD. Now if this Pass was for live shows that weren't available anywhere else, I might be interested in certain artists. But you'd still have to trust the record...
That's hilarious - and moronic.
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