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It could never be as repugnant as the Bush 8 years - Bush's friends and cronies plundering the government, getting rich while the housing market burns. Selling off our natural resources, giving tax breaks to multi-millionaires while taking health care away from millions. Not to mention throwing out the constitution and wiretapping all of our phone calls (helped enormously by AT&T). And all because "God showed me the way." Disgusting. Bush dug us a hole so deep it would be...
Isn't Windows grand? So well thought out, so sophisticated. Must make Bill Gates very proud.
Yeah, if the beta release two months ahead of time isn't perfect, of course that means that Apple will never put out a good app. All is doomed, the world is ending, and I'm getting a Dell.
That's a perfect nickname for him - I hope it sticks.
You just don't get it. THERE IS SOFTWARE that allows third-party MP3 players (including phones) to sync to iTunes - people have mentioned them several times. Apple has no problem with this. All Palm has to do is put this software on the Pre, or instruct users how to get it, or develop their own version, or buy out some developer.What Palm is doing is hacking Apple software, to fool it into thinking the Pre is an actual iPod. This is, pure and simply, hacking. It's...
It makes total sense (other than the "liar" part - that's speculation). Apple notified MS that their ads were out-of-date, and Microsoft changed them. If MS didn't change the ads after being informed they contain wrong facts, then there could be a lawsuit and MS would lose.You can't just put an old date on an outdated ad that talks about a competitor, and say it was true at the time it was filmed. As far as wasting money, that's the risk you take when you compare yourself...
"An estimated 13 million iPhones have been used in the U.S. since the phone launched in June 2007." "An estimated 12 million iPod touches have been used in the U.S." How does that mean that there are twice as many iPhone users as iPod Touch users? Somebody's statistics are all balled up.
I guess Al Gore got his old colleague Dick Cheney to question the guy... We can joke about this in the abstract, but it doesn't reflect well on Apple when it's Chinese companies abuse their workers. Apple can't really control these companies, but they can take business away from them. A big problem is that in Chinese society, individuals basically have no rights, workers have no rights and no respect. You can't change that just by passing laws.
Give it up, troll - you're just showing yourself to be an idiot. (Apple hasn't made a one-button mouse for along time).
Apples arent any better than PC's, maybe worse. It is proven that Apples have just as many vulnerabilities as PCs.[/QUOTE] The only place that's proven is in the fantasy land that resides in your head.
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