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"The Reporter, however, adds a bit more color on the matter, citing sources who say "it wasn't Apple but NBC Universal that was being stubborn in their previous negotiation stalemate." Specifically, those sources say NBC was pushing to not only test a $4.99 price point, but also to institute dynamic pricing -- an experimental model that re-calibrates (or taxes up) prices on the fly based on consumer demand for a particular piece of media." After the negotiations...
What's up with you - why so much venom? It's not just a speedbump - it's new chips that use probably 25% less power, thus run coooler (and faster) and use noticeably less battery power, thus running longer per charge, etc. etc. Hopefully these improvements will be significant in addition to the speedbump. For the MacBook, it's also a case redesign, possibly aluminum with better touchpad, keyboard, etc..
To live2learn: Thanks for your post.
The name "Mighty Mouse" should really be owned by the estate of Andy Kaufman. He made the best use of it.
I feel your pain.
"The Canadian developer of the GeekBench testing suite notes that its test sees the Intel Penryn-based system outpacing its 2.8GHz ancestor by slightly more than 7 percent." It's not comparing the 3.06 GHz Mac to its ancestor, but to the newly released 2.8 GHz model. So for a just over a 9% increase in processor speed, it's showing a 7% performance increase, at least in these tests.
"Apple on Thursday expanded its presence in Texas by revealing that it will transfer 174 jobs from its Elk Grove, California call center to its Austin location." Great - more call center workers that speak a language ordinary Americans can't understand.
I like the look of the Gulfstream - understated, white, clean lines, handsome in a quiet way. Kind of like the white iMac.
What is the TDP of the last generation of iMacs (like the 2.8 GHz Extreme)? Is this an increase in power consumption?
It's not $300, it's $200 to upgrade from 2GB to 4GB (the article is wrong).
New Posts  All Forums: