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I disagree - with in-ear headphones that seal out outside noise, I still put Lossless files on my iPod.
Maybe it's because you compress your music. I use Apple Lossless, so an 16GB nano only holds about 600 songs. Going on a long car trip, or using it every day for commuting, it's nice to have 160 GB, so there's a lot of variety. I shuffle by album, so I'm surprised and happy when it changes to an album I haven't heard for a long time (my music collection is over 300 GB, and it's all music I really like, and all legal - from CDs I bought, with a small number of iTunes...
So you can afford to buy a $600 Dell every year, but can't afford a $1200 Mac that will easily last 3 years (and still be a very good computer), or last 5 years if you don't need to upgrade to higher specs?How's that accounting degree working out for you?
I don't know that this makes much sense - they sell laptops with Wi-Fi in China, don't they?
You waited in line for Jaguar? Really? And now you criticize others. What a world.
You must be from the UK. In American, "the media is" is quite alright.Edit: Oops, didn't see the follow-up posts above.
Same here - most of the guys I know prefer iPhones to women.
Very well put. I totally agree about the overlaying of the controls and title on the actual content - I hate it. In full screen mode, that's one thing. But not when it's regular size. Please give feedback to Apple now - I will also.
Unfortunately, you'll have to figure out another way to get your shits and giggles.
When one of those is downloaded, it looks like a lit match with a flame shooting out across the screen.
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