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How would you know how much battery life you can get from a Zune? How would anyone know? Nobody's tried to use a Zune for 15 hours...
I think the confusion is that the AI article is only speculation by Prince McLean. The "reports" linked to are only about the Blu-ray situation and iPhone sales. The conclusions of what this means for Apple all come from McLean.
If Apple would just let Papermaster keep working at IBM, there soon may be a Powerbook G5. They've almost got it.
Better tighten it up quickly before something falls out.
So Apple is discriminating against people with fat thumbs? I smell a lawsuit coming.
Unlikely you say, but true.
Thanks for the laugh.
Well, let's see - there are financial analysts, TV weathermen, Wall Street CEOs, and anyone in the Bush administration. Oh, and don't forget Steve Ballmer.
You're just going to go down to the ground with this, aren't you? If a cable (or adapter) that's mini-DP to DP comes along in 2 months, will you still say it's such a terrible mistake? How many monitors have only DP input? (Apple already makes adapters that go from mini-DP to DVI, mini-DP to dual-link DVI, and mini-DP to VGA). You seem to want to win an argument rather than look at the real possibilities (and probabilities).
Apple is worth more than Google - about 8% higher in market value. It's hard to buy a company that's worth more than you are.
New Posts  All Forums: