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If you really believe that then I'm surprised you can even feed yourself (maybe you can't).
If they said there might be a surprise, then it wouldn't really be a surprise, now would it?
How does Grand Central factor into this? Isn't that supposed to use the extra cores for more speed, even in apps that don't normally take advantage of the extra cores?
It is - just a really busy one.
And you sound ridiculous. Microsoft's ads promote PCs, not Windows itself (that would be a bad move). In the ads, the "customers" chose HP and Dell. The "customers" go for the cheap stuff - if they chose Sony, there wouldn't be much of a price difference with Apple.And it's "barrel."
I agree totally. When the iPhone was released, Verizon said they didn't think it was that great, and they didn't want to carry it. Funny to see them come back begging to Apple.
Thanks for pointing this out. Reading the article makes me think that ELAN might be suing as a way to get a cross-licensing agreement with Apple. ELAN is so defensive in its press release that it makes me think they might be worried. Of course it's totally just a guess on my part.
What happened to braincheck?
I could have told you that.
Several of those 13 albums in my cart are not available at all on CD. I still buy almost all my music on CDs, except when the CD is not available - a lot of CDs are out of print and only available used for $40+, or impossible to find at all. And sometimes I have to have that one song from an album that otherwise I don't like. I check MusicIsHere (for indies) and HDTracks first - they have lossless downloads, but of course not huge selections.
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