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Disney is doing deals to Disney's advantage - there should be no consideration (by Jobs or anyone else at Disney) of whether Disney's deals benefit Apple or not.
teckstud, you are totally a Microsoft spy (I swear you are).
Thanks for the laugh. You talk like Apple's going to quit making MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and only sell this one. Not every product is for everybody. And good luck with that Vaio...
Probably waiting for Penryn chips to be widely available, which should be end of January I think. Hopefully updates to iMac and the portables will come then.
If this software uses Cover Flow, does that mean Elgato is paying a royalty to Apple, or is there some other compensation? Apple owns the Cover Flow technology, since it bought the company that developed it.
I figure that's just about what it's worth.Actually, I thought about the deal at the time (in my case an upgrade from Office 2004 would have been something like $90), but I passed it up because I needed to see how annoying the new interface is. While 2004 has a lot of annoyances, it basically works well for me. The new edition with its ribbons and bows might just be over the top.
Paramount can't switch, because they were paid a large amount of money by the HD-DVD group (meaning Microsoft) to offer their movies exclusively in HD-DVD format. I don't know what they can do about that, if there's a time limit or another way to get out of it. It may not look like Microsoft was deeply involved in the format, but my understanding is that HD-DVD is based on Windows Media in some way. Does anyone know more about that?
"Amazon's price is better and no DRM." Apple will also be selling it with no DRM (iTunes+), at somewhat better quality (AAC vs. MP3), plus the extra tunes.
Let's see what the Board of Directors and the major shareholders of Warner (and Universal) have to say about ignoring a significant revenue stream. Bronfman, your CEO days may be numbered (I hope).
So if you replace your computer (or change out your hard drive or update your RAM?) you'll have to contact a hundred or more developers to get them to unlock the software you bought? This is nuts.
New Posts  All Forums: