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Sounds like there's a lot of junk in there - genius links, iMix links, iTunes store links, more limited preferences, not being able to see exactly what I want in my itunes window - all crap to me. I would never use recommendations features, or communication features - all I want is to be able to manage my large library. The worst thing is that apparently there's no more album view - the only view I ever use. It's by far the most useful to me in keeping my library...
"iTunes 8 will continue to offer users three distinct "views" of their music library, though instead of List, List with Artwork, and Cover Flow, version 8.0 will offer List, Grid, and Cover Flow." If true, this is TERRIBLE. I use album view exclusively. All the songs are there in a list, but separated by albums (the large majority of my tracks are complete albums). There should at least be an option in list view to separate by albums (with cover art) - oh, I guess...
That should be "affected," not "effected." Now you have no street cred at all.
I hope they keep the current nano form factor and ramp up the storage to 32GB (I'll accept 16 grudgingly). A lot of us don't want or need to carry around video or surf the net, we just want lots of tunes (lossless tunes) in a small package.
Rob Enderle was recently hired by Dell? Must be his reward for all the Apple bashing he's done over the years.
So true - NOT. What kind of a moron actually believes this? The kind that believes that tax cuts for the very richest people somehow help the middle class, and that giving large subsidies to the oil companies is the free market at work. I guess by your reasoning the economy is in great shape, and if the media would just stop talking about it, everything would be fine. And oh yeah, two-thirds of U.S. newspapers endorsed Bush in the last two elections.
I like the fat boy a lot. 8 GB is not enough, though.
Think about that a little bit. How about the civil rights protestors of the 1950s? How about the suffragettes protesting for a woman's right to vote? How about the worker rallies of the early 1900s? Just to name a few. If you have a 40 hour work week (and get paid overtime for more than 40 hours), then the worker protests helped you out. (While we're at it, how about the Boston Tea Party?) Obviously, this protest against Apple is ridiculous. But throughout history, there...
"In a symbolic gesture, the Free Software Foundation plans a new campaign, nicknamed the Apple Challenge, that it thinks will pressure Apple into opening its software code." Yeah, and I think the moon is made of green cheese.
Let's hope the designers are really intelligent.
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