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If that's the kind of company Apple wants to be, good for them (bad for us). As pointed out, even Microsoft released a plug-in immediately (at least for Windows, it was later for Macs) when they changed formats in Office. Yeah, legally Apple can totally isolate 08 (like they did with iMovie HD) - but that's not the kind of company they need to be. I expect Apple to not have these issues - as mentioned in the story, they recently released an update to iWork 08 - why...
You can load all the porn on your iPhone that you want, you just can't buy it through the App store. I agree with you that making an author remove a word from his book is going too far. But if Apple let developers sell sexually explicit applications in the App Store, then Apple would be in the porn business. Apple has the right to not distribute porn, and to not be a conduit for hate speech. I hope they keep it reasonable, though - if it's art, allow it through (up to a...
It must be nice to be such an idiot and still have a job.
You might start by making a statement that's clear, simple and easy to understand.
Consider that the source was AI quoting another technology website, which cited a person "familiar with the situation" - proceed cautiously from there. Nobody except Apple can "confirm" such details. And Apple's not talking.
You had me until the last sentence:Come on - the failure of QuickTime licensing has nothing to do with Apple's decision on licensing OS X. Nothing. That's a throwaway sentence that should have been thrown away.
At least my iMac G3 (rev. B) isn't on the list. What? It was obsolete long ago? What'll I tell my screen saver goldfish??
I guess you don't know anybody that I know. Amazing - a parallel universe.
I think you mean 'jibe.'
She knows that she couldn't get her album on the front page of iTunes unless she gave Apple some exclusive bonus content (which she ended up doing). That means she knows a lot more than you do.
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