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And California is one of those states? No.
It was in Los Angeles, genius.
It looks more annoying than useful to me.
Another Microsoft tax - the cost of therapy that kid will have to go through because of his frustration with not being able to release his creativity.
But I need a piece of garage, and Apple makes the best. Funny you should quote the iLounge story, when it's TOTALLY BOGUS. Doesn't do much for your credibility, either.
That's the main reasons I'm not buying a new iMac right now, which I really want. Even the newer iMacs (the 2008s) have screen issues for some people - uneven light coverage). Until I'm convinced the screens are decent, I'm not buying.
No, she's not like you, loser. If those facts are true, Apple is lucky she's only suing for $75,000. If it happened to you, you'd be whining forever, and asking for a million or more. Moron.
Hey Deuces - Get a Life. Use your brain - you don't have to adopt a stupid expression that just shows what an idiot you are.
The best test is a 3-way test. Example: use two copies of the lossless, and one copy of the compressed (or one lossless and two compressed). Then try to tell which one is different from the other two. It's a much better test than one-to-one. In a one-to-one, someone may hear a difference, but may not be able to guess which one is the lossless. That would be logged as a failure, when in fact they did hear a difference. On another point, it's been shown (through frequency...
ALL major companies do this - especially technology companies. They still get their two weeks pay (or whatever's in their contracts), but once someone is fired, they can't go back to their company computer. If you can't figure out why this makes sense, I'll fill you in - as soon as you learn that people lose jobs, not loose them.
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