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I know many vegans, and none of them are fat. They're all pretty healthy, and not overly skinny either. If you try to eat only fruit, as some people do, you will become unhealthy over time. Other than that, there really aren't problems with a well-rounded vegan diet, even one that's primarily raw. It's all in how smart you go about it. People see the radical eaters, and think all vegans are like that. Not true - there are a lot of quiet vegans who don't preach to...
Is Gizmodo the website that printed the false rumour that the iPhone (original) was going to be delayed, thus sending Apple stock way down (summer of 2007)? Does anybody remember? (It was either them or Engadget). The issue of Jobs' health is something investors should consider, if it's important to them - that's one of the risks of investing. But Apple should not have to give reports on Jobs' health, unless required by law. If you think Apple will fall apart...
What's with you? The post may not be on topic (maybe it got posted in the wrong forum), but it's not out of line at all. It's a wish list. If there's any post that's outrageous, stupid and pointlessly negative, it's yours.
Too bad for you 14 million other people (in 2008 alone) don't feel the same way.
DON'T QUOTE TROLLS IF YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM. IT'S EXTRA WORK FOR ME. Do you get out much, Mr. Bitterman? Sorry about your mental illness.
You might make sure there are facts behind the charges before you embarass yourself. Don't just listen to the rumours and right-wing propaganda. Oh, and if you're comparing things, you're saying Clinton's womanizing is worse than Bush's lying to get us into Iraq, where 4,000 Americans have died, and we've spent close to a trillion dollars? I know what you're going to say: God told Bush to do it (as he claims), so it's okay.
"Apple seen with new iMacs" Who saw them?
There's going to be a point in the keynote that Schiller videoconferences with Jobs, who announces the "one more thing" that nobody's expecting - and it will change the world we live in forever.
DRM-free iTunes Plus tracks: 100% Standard iTunes tracks: 0% That's true for me also. But I care more about the quality: 256 kbps vs. 128 kbps. You can always take the DRM off by converting to CD, but you can't increase the sound quality.
Would you all drop the "fully featured" argument? It's just semantics. One person's feature is another person's garbage.
New Posts  All Forums: