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Troy Tulowitski had an unassisted Triple Play® this year. How much is he going to have to pay Apple?
"The undated listing seeks a "motivated, highly-technical Exchange test/sync engineer with excellent problem solving and communication skills."" You better have excellent problem solving skills if you're going to try to sync with Microsoft software.
Publicly, Apple says NBC wanted double its wholesale price, which would force Apple to charge $4.99. NBC says it wanted to raise prices, and the price point would start as an experiment at $2.99. Lots of posturing.NBC has said publicly many times that it wants higher prices for music on iTunes as well as video, but it complains it has no clout (in music anyway) because Apple controls the music market. There's no doubt NBC wants higher prices.Don't compare NBC offering...
Apple hands out iPods to young, homeless wildfire victims. In what can't be just coincidence, Universal Studios pulls their TV shows off iTunes, not allowing those kids to download NBC TV shows to help take their minds off their depressing situation. Heartless Universal.
I love the photo of the glass staircase - it looks like a crime scene.
As Bageljoey pointed out, the new iMovie takes much more processing power than the old iMovie HD, even though it has about half the capability. The change in the interface requires faster chips and more memory.You could say it's light-weight in function, but not in processor use.
Munster reported a few days ago that of the iPods sold during Black Friday (unofficially), 38% were nanos, 19% classics, and 19% touches. If that's even close, it shows that there's a market for each type, and I hope Apple keeps offering all three. For me, I have a new nano (for most travelling), and a classic. I'm not interested in the touch - I like the nano/classic interface just fine. Then again, I'm a dinosaur - I've never had a cell phone.
I have no problem with an artist not allowing his songs to be sold as single tracks. If he believes it's a work of art that has to go together, so be it. If the Beatles say that side 2 of Abbey Road must be sold together, that's fine with me too. Leave it to the artist how he wants to sell his music (and leave it to the music stores whether they want to carry it). But Dupri is pretty whacked out here. Hey JD - don't sell your stuff on iTunes - it's your choice. But don't...
Where did you get that from? We're talking abut Germany (and France, the U.K. and the U.S.) Totally bogus statement. How about something (anything) to back that up? There is no "reprehensible greed" here - just idiots like you making up facts to suit an agenda.
"Various issues with certain Apple Dashboard widgets like Unit Converter, Calculator, and Stocks are also addressed in Mac OS X 10.4.11." My Stocks and Weather widgets are now broken - can't retrieve any data. These are Apple-supplied widgets. As noted by others, PithHelmet is broken for now, but they usually come up with a fix soon after a Safari update - hope they do. As a substitute, SafariBlock seems to be working okay...
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