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Let's hope the designers are really intelligent.
It's the secret features of Tiger released at last! No, no, it's the G5 Powerbook! No, no, it's the... So mysterious - a "new product" that will shut out rivals. The only products Apple sells that can shut out rivals are iPods, and there already are no real rivals, and not likely to be any in the future. The iPod Touch is of course due for a price reduction. The Apple TV? I don't see how anything regarding the Apple TV could shut out rivals, since the market is so...
I think they were trying to save you from the wrath of Steve - revealing unannounced features is not nice (if you're a developer under the NDA).
Nice pick-up. I totally agree - any device that uses such an ugly typeface is in trouble. I guess it's meant to distinguish the 'consumer-oriented' Thunder from their business-oriented phones, but it's an awfully ugly typeface (I deleted it off all my computers). I've never gotten the "let's design something that looks like a third-grader drew it" kind of thinking.
Zero comments? I guess nobody cares about the iPhone after all...
Except that they pretty soon had a major shortage of phones last year - at one point only 2 stores in the entire U.S. had them in stock. It took a month or two to fully supply every store. How soon we forget.
10.5.1 and/or 10.5.2 ( I don't remember which) had several UI changes - particularly regarding the dock (hierarchical menus) and the translucent menu bar.
As I recall, the charges were dismissed because the original suit did not make the case that the stock price did in fact go down because of the backdating allegations. The judge dismissed the case, but said it could be refiled with new supporting evidence (the judge said the stock actually went up a lot in the months after the allegations). So it looks like these lawyers are attempting to only look at the first two weeks after the charges, when the stock went down. I...
My thoughts exactly (except I can't stand even the underlining). If there is anything like this I just hope it can be turned off completely. The automatic changes that Word makes are so frustrating and annoying. I've turned off all the automatic features I can, but there are still a few that can't be turned off.
Just because 10.6 may be Intel only, it doesn't mean Apple will quit "supporting" PPC. I'm sure there will be security updates, etc. There just won't be a new optimized Snow Leopard for it. I hope the software developers continue to support PPC for those who rely on it. But supporting PPC is different than actually developing new software (or a new OS) to run on PPC. I'm in favor of this direction (assuming it happens as we believe). Snow Leopard is for the future - an...
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