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I don't see Snow Leopard as an OS that many people will update to, and that's not going to be its main purpose. As it's described, I think the focus will be on new Mac computers going forward, making them that much better - to really optimize new hardware with a mean and lean Snow Leopard to create screaming new computers. They can get rid of the parts of OS X that are in there for PPC and other older systems. Current computers will still work fine under Leopard (which...
Except for that little iMovie '08 boondoggle. After the Macworld keynote where Jobs so excitedly introduced iMovie '08, Apple quietly announced that the old iMovie HD would be available as a free download for people who wanted or needed it. (iMovie '08 could not fully play iMovie HD files).
There's a difference between 'percentages' and 'percentage points'. Apple gained 6%, which means that they went from (approximately) 7.38% market share to 7.83% (that would be a gain of (almost) .5 percentage points). Microsoft lost (almost) .5 percentage points. Assuming their share was 90%, they went from 90% to 89.5%.
You don't open a store somewhere just because you think you should be there. As others have said, you look at the markets, you look at the Apple resellers that are there, you look at the available locations, etc. Apple's retail store strategy has been brilliant - the most successful retail strategy ever (according to Wall Street). The most sales in the shortest time of any chain of retail stores. And you know better how they should do it? If you don't take care about what...
Isn't that a Chuck Berry song?
I'm taking the article for what it says - quoting "unnamed studio executives." There's always the possibility it's not true, of course, but it does reflect exactly what Jobs said after negotiations broke down (with the additional info on dynamic pricing). All the info together leads to the conclusion (for me) that Universal was trying to get $4.99 TV shows, then lying about it afterwards to put the blame for failed negotiations on Apple. Remember, if you use an iPod you're...
"The Reporter, however, adds a bit more color on the matter, citing sources who say "it wasn't Apple but NBC Universal that was being stubborn in their previous negotiation stalemate." Specifically, those sources say NBC was pushing to not only test a $4.99 price point, but also to institute dynamic pricing -- an experimental model that re-calibrates (or taxes up) prices on the fly based on consumer demand for a particular piece of media." After the negotiations...
What's up with you - why so much venom? It's not just a speedbump - it's new chips that use probably 25% less power, thus run coooler (and faster) and use noticeably less battery power, thus running longer per charge, etc. etc. Hopefully these improvements will be significant in addition to the speedbump. For the MacBook, it's also a case redesign, possibly aluminum with better touchpad, keyboard, etc..
To live2learn: Thanks for your post.
The name "Mighty Mouse" should really be owned by the estate of Andy Kaufman. He made the best use of it.
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