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You could always carry it around in an envelope.
Hey, captaincore, could you make the advertisement in your signature larger? I can't quite read it. And I love to read ads in people's posts. Thanks.
Because you have to pay over $1200 for two years of a phone service contract with the iPhone - you're comparing apples and oranges. In fact, paying for one month of the phone contract (probably in advance) will add $60 right there. And from Apple's standpoint (as mentioned above), they get and estimated $500 total for an iPhone, when you add in carrier payments to Apple. I think the touch prices are good - $299 for 16GB compared with $199 for a 16 GB nano.
Thanks for those screenshots. It's kind of odd - if I have a track, why is there a link to the iTunes store to buy that track? Maybe so I can buy it as a gift, but how often would most people use that? I feel like it's Apple adding contextual ads to my iTunes window. A simple preference to turn off the links would make a lot of sense.
That's strange - it seems like you can't browse to all the artists easily anymore. If all your Rolling Stones songs (for example) are on compilations, there's no listing for Rolling Stones in the "Artists" column? That's not encouraging.
I haven't seen the links - maybe someone could post a screenshot? They sound obtrusive to me, and annoying - every time a song is selected or is playing, the links show up? That means they follow your movements around. Sounds ugly, and clutterish. I'll use iMix or Gift. My comments about the preferences had nothing to do with clutter - the problem is if Apple has taken away options for managing or viewing the library. There's no problem if the preferences have just been...
Sounds like there's a lot of junk in there - genius links, iMix links, iTunes store links, more limited preferences, not being able to see exactly what I want in my itunes window - all crap to me. I would never use recommendations features, or communication features - all I want is to be able to manage my large library. The worst thing is that apparently there's no more album view - the only view I ever use. It's by far the most useful to me in keeping my library...
"iTunes 8 will continue to offer users three distinct "views" of their music library, though instead of List, List with Artwork, and Cover Flow, version 8.0 will offer List, Grid, and Cover Flow." If true, this is TERRIBLE. I use album view exclusively. All the songs are there in a list, but separated by albums (the large majority of my tracks are complete albums). There should at least be an option in list view to separate by albums (with cover art) - oh, I guess...
That should be "affected," not "effected." Now you have no street cred at all.
I hope they keep the current nano form factor and ramp up the storage to 32GB (I'll accept 16 grudgingly). A lot of us don't want or need to carry around video or surf the net, we just want lots of tunes (lossless tunes) in a small package.
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