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What is the TDP of the last generation of iMacs (like the 2.8 GHz Extreme)? Is this an increase in power consumption?
It's not $300, it's $200 to upgrade from 2GB to 4GB (the article is wrong).
The RAM you list is 240 pin instead of 200 pin. Crucial lists 2x2GB of the new iMac memory for $124. So yeah, it's a better deal than Apple, and you get the extra 2x1GB modules to sell or give away (if you want to deal with it). But still, $200 for the Apple factory upgrade (from 2 to 4GB) is not bad.
One option is the book "Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual." Also, the Apple Stores have beginning classes/workshops for free (or you can pay for one-on-one time). There's a "Switchers" page on the Apple website.
They tested the 8800 GT against the 2600 XT (it doesn't say how much memory). Do you think the same results hold for the 8800 GS (512MB) against the 2600 Pro (256 MB)? (I'm interested in the apps, not the gaming). The way the cards are named is pretty confusing.
According to a story on MacNN, Intel has confirmed that the chips are 45nm Penryn chips with Santa Rosa chipset. "The 3.06GHz processor and fellow chips in Apple's new iMacs are part of a special run of Intel's existing technology... Although the processors match the same core clock rates and 1,066MHz system bus speeds as those for the upcoming platform, the processors are now known to be unlisted speed grades that include special support for the faster bus speeds (up...
After a presidential veto, it takes 67 senators to override. So unless there are 67 democrats in the senate, the president and the republicans have all the power they need to stop any meaningful change.
The new memory upgrade is actually $200 to go from 2GB to 4GB. And it's 800 GHz memory instead of the previous generation's 667. That's not bad at all. I like this upgrade a lot, and I'm glad I waited. It's going to be like a rocket compared to my 1.8GHz original iMac G5.
I wonder if the more important part of this is that he will "oversee the company's intellectual property" - maybe defending against all those patent cases being filed against Apple? I don't know if that's one of his areas of expertise, but if it is that would be good. (And I can't wait to see him playing onstage to close out the next Macworld).
You could see more clearly if you took off that tinfoil hat.
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