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It must be nice to be such an idiot and still have a job.
You might start by making a statement that's clear, simple and easy to understand.
Consider that the source was AI quoting another technology website, which cited a person "familiar with the situation" - proceed cautiously from there. Nobody except Apple can "confirm" such details. And Apple's not talking.
You had me until the last sentence:Come on - the failure of QuickTime licensing has nothing to do with Apple's decision on licensing OS X. Nothing. That's a throwaway sentence that should have been thrown away.
At least my iMac G3 (rev. B) isn't on the list. What? It was obsolete long ago? What'll I tell my screen saver goldfish??
I guess you don't know anybody that I know. Amazing - a parallel universe.
I think you mean 'jibe.'
She knows that she couldn't get her album on the front page of iTunes unless she gave Apple some exclusive bonus content (which she ended up doing). That means she knows a lot more than you do.
I think also that while Safari had more growth percentagewise, Firefox grew more in actual users. So saying Safari had more of an effect on Microsoft losing share than Firefox isn't really true.
Don't forget that the iMac still doesn't have Penryn, still uses LCD instead of LED, still uses DDR2 memory, has only a 6MB L2 cache, and the 3.06 GHz CPU is basically a "special edition" of a lower-clock-speed design. So yeah, it's way overdue for an update. If they would have updated those features at the same time as the MacBook Pros, it would definitely have been an improvement (and I would have bought one). I hope the delay is not just because of a change in...
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