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So Apple is discriminating against people with fat thumbs? I smell a lawsuit coming.
Unlikely you say, but true.
Thanks for the laugh.
Well, let's see - there are financial analysts, TV weathermen, Wall Street CEOs, and anyone in the Bush administration. Oh, and don't forget Steve Ballmer.
You're just going to go down to the ground with this, aren't you? If a cable (or adapter) that's mini-DP to DP comes along in 2 months, will you still say it's such a terrible mistake? How many monitors have only DP input? (Apple already makes adapters that go from mini-DP to DVI, mini-DP to dual-link DVI, and mini-DP to VGA). You seem to want to win an argument rather than look at the real possibilities (and probabilities).
Apple is worth more than Google - about 8% higher in market value. It's hard to buy a company that's worth more than you are.
Just don't update your version of Windows, or the apps probably won't work anymore.
If this were a fruit company, it might not be so bad. But why is a technology/ computer training company using an apple in its logo, if it's not trying to tie itself to Apple Inc.? Please, no more of the "here's an innocent little company that big bad Apple is trying to flatten" statements. Their explanation is pretty lame - that the apple is a symbol of education. Kind of a stretch, although in the Garden of Eden the apple was the symbol of knowledge. Maybe their logo...
I'd say thie price of ringtones would concern them a lot less than Bush's warrantless wiretapping and his holding people in jail without trial or access to the evidence against them, or Cheney saying he's part of the legislative branch, not the executive branch (so his papers and e-mails can be kept secret).
Except that the charges against Thomas were not ill-founded. The Republicans were in control of the Senate, and they suckered Democrats into a deal where Anita Hill would be the only woman allowed to testify about sexual harassment by Thomas. There were at least two or three other women who were ready to testify. That would have changed the outcome - if there's only one accuser, it's easy to demonize her. Harder if there are more. "3. Gulf war on the scene. CNN reporters...
New Posts  All Forums: