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I think also that while Safari had more growth percentagewise, Firefox grew more in actual users. So saying Safari had more of an effect on Microsoft losing share than Firefox isn't really true.
Don't forget that the iMac still doesn't have Penryn, still uses LCD instead of LED, still uses DDR2 memory, has only a 6MB L2 cache, and the 3.06 GHz CPU is basically a "special edition" of a lower-clock-speed design. So yeah, it's way overdue for an update. If they would have updated those features at the same time as the MacBook Pros, it would definitely have been an improvement (and I would have bought one). I hope the delay is not just because of a change in...
You're an idiot.
Funny - I want none of these things.
So I should stop now?
This is not the right strategy, at least it's not right to get rid of iDVD. My boss is going to switch to Macs later this year. The tipping point? My taking his vacation videos and making a simple but cool-looking DVD from them (in one night). That's 3 Macs that will be bought because of iDVD. I can't believe people want their wedding, vacation, performance, etc. videos only online, instead of on DVD (of course, I still buy CDs, so what do I know?).
These types of agreements many times do not hold up in court. IBM would have to prove that Apple is a competitor, which is not a given. In your world, IBM could say that any company is a competitor, and keep Papermaster from working anywhere. Just because there is a clause in an employment contract does not mean it is reasonable and enforceable. And while New York allows non-compete clauses, Texas (where Papermaster worked) and California (where Apple is) do not. It would...
Remember right before the first Zunes came out, and Apple lowered the price of the hard-drive based iPods $50? Microsoft had to price the Zune to match (they had announced a higher price to match the old iPod price). That really screwed up Microsoft's financial model, so that they will never recoup their R&D costs (I'm sure they wouldn't have anyway). Also remember that each Zune model copied the iPod design of the year before (while adding 'squirting' and a couple of...
Yeah, that's a good point - it would have been better to improve the plastic MacBook at the same time as introducing the newer ones (just two months ago). I didn't think of that part of it.
Yeah, Apple should keep the same old hardware for decades, just so they don't upset anyone who purchased the older hardware. They should have called you to make sure you were okay with them building a better computer. Your lesson is this: don't ever buy a new computer, because after you do, a better one will come along. Just keep waiting.
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