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Relax - the record company still needs pay people to do the grunt work - distribute millions of tracks to Apple, keep records, balance the books, etc. You think they just flip a switch and everything falls into place? Yes, he's a weasel - but don't pop a vein over it.
Can you imagine what Apple's code would be worth to certain other parties? Your post is funny - you always make up scenarios where Apple is the bad guy - can't stand it when other posts disagree with that? You're the negative one.
If this is the kind of crap Apple had to agree to to get the labels to release everything in iTunes Plus, then I guess it's okay - it doesn't do any harm. I'm skeptical about the "exclusives" - probably half-hearted demos and worthless remixes. If there's an album I want, I'll still buy the better-sounding CD. Now if this Pass was for live shows that weren't available anywhere else, I might be interested in certain artists. But you'd still have to trust the record...
That's hilarious - and moronic.
I think the point is that you can "Put Back" an item in the Trash even if you moved it there last week, or last month. That's cool.
What a nutty statement. It must be hard to have an outlook on life like you do.
If that's the kind of company Apple wants to be, good for them (bad for us). As pointed out, even Microsoft released a plug-in immediately (at least for Windows, it was later for Macs) when they changed formats in Office. Yeah, legally Apple can totally isolate 08 (like they did with iMovie HD) - but that's not the kind of company they need to be. I expect Apple to not have these issues - as mentioned in the story, they recently released an update to iWork 08 - why...
You can load all the porn on your iPhone that you want, you just can't buy it through the App store. I agree with you that making an author remove a word from his book is going too far. But if Apple let developers sell sexually explicit applications in the App Store, then Apple would be in the porn business. Apple has the right to not distribute porn, and to not be a conduit for hate speech. I hope they keep it reasonable, though - if it's art, allow it through (up to a...
It must be nice to be such an idiot and still have a job.
You might start by making a statement that's clear, simple and easy to understand.
New Posts  All Forums: