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Remove it yourself by converting to aiff (like burning to CD). Your track now is as good as when you bought it - what are you complaining about? If you want to improve the quality of the track (better sound/no DRM) then pay to upgrade). Otherwise remove the DRM yourself. Quit whining.
Yes - in fact, I have several items sitting in my shopping cart that are now iTunes Plus, though when I put them in they weren't (which is why I didn't buy them then). Examples are Fairport Convention Live at the BBC, The Bridge School Concerts Volume 1, and most of the Creedence Clearwater Revival albums.Some other things there are still not iTunes Plus, though - it's hard to believe Phil saying that 8 million are already iTunes Plus (that's 80%).
Come on, everyone, Steve's sick - don't add stress to his life by complaining about little screen defects. Just buy a new Mac. Seriously, though, I assume the new iMacs will be LEDs, which won't have the screen issues that have plagued the last generation (or two) of iMacs. I have a first generation iMac G5 that's never had a screen problem (over 4 years old). I don't know why Apple's newer designs have all the screen issues - because they made too many compromises to...
Apple did not give a reason for Jobs non-appearance at Macworld. They said they would not do trade shows in the future, but that was not the reason for Jobs' absence. They didn't say anything about it. Gizmodo was totally irresponsible for printing what it did. The source in their article said clearly that Jobs would probably be dead by this spring. Obviuosly the Gizmodo source had not access to Jobs' doctors or his medical records, and Gizmodo was wrong to print it.
You obviously have not seen Jobs' medical records. Maybe you read a paragraph on WebMD, but it's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about. Someone should sue you for giving medical advice without a license.
The last time this came up (a few months ago) Steve personally called a repporter (NYT I think, but maybe Fortune or some other national pub) and talked to him at length about his health. Do you want to make him do that every time some idiot starts a rumour? If you're that concerned about his health, DON'T INVEST IN APPLE. The thing about investing is, you never get all the answers - you take a chance. This whole health issue is BS. Apple and Jobs have disclosed...
Where's the link to the AI story that declared that the Mac Mini is absolutely dead?
I know many vegans, and none of them are fat. They're all pretty healthy, and not overly skinny either. If you try to eat only fruit, as some people do, you will become unhealthy over time. Other than that, there really aren't problems with a well-rounded vegan diet, even one that's primarily raw. It's all in how smart you go about it. People see the radical eaters, and think all vegans are like that. Not true - there are a lot of quiet vegans who don't preach to...
Is Gizmodo the website that printed the false rumour that the iPhone (original) was going to be delayed, thus sending Apple stock way down (summer of 2007)? Does anybody remember? (It was either them or Engadget). The issue of Jobs' health is something investors should consider, if it's important to them - that's one of the risks of investing. But Apple should not have to give reports on Jobs' health, unless required by law. If you think Apple will fall apart...
What's with you? The post may not be on topic (maybe it got posted in the wrong forum), but it's not out of line at all. It's a wish list. If there's any post that's outrageous, stupid and pointlessly negative, it's yours.
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