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It doesn't do any of those things at this point, except copy the interface.
That's not true - it's got the play button at the bottom instead of the top. That's real innovation.
Does this have anything to do with the fact that Macs can run Windows now? I will never have Windows on my Mac - I assume that makes me safer from viruses?
It's because small business owners have families, and their families use Macs at home and school, so they can see that Macs are good. Big Corporate IT chiefs, on the other hand, have no families, and never even get outside. It's no wonder they're married to Windows.
The fact that you have the songs shows they are not forgotten. I think you'll be surprised at how many people will buy the Beatles on iTunes once they're available. It's easy to criticize and make blanket statements, but it's a lot bigger world than you seem to think.
How would you know how much battery life you can get from a Zune? How would anyone know? Nobody's tried to use a Zune for 15 hours...
I think the confusion is that the AI article is only speculation by Prince McLean. The "reports" linked to are only about the Blu-ray situation and iPhone sales. The conclusions of what this means for Apple all come from McLean.
If Apple would just let Papermaster keep working at IBM, there soon may be a Powerbook G5. They've almost got it.
Better tighten it up quickly before something falls out.
So Apple is discriminating against people with fat thumbs? I smell a lawsuit coming.
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