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"trouble causers" should have a hyphen: trouble-causers.
Or Valkyries.
Are you crazy or a troll? Vista costs $500, each Mac OS upgrade is $129. The only reason they number them 10.1, 10,2, etc. is to keep the number 10 in the name. They could easily have named them 10, 11, 12, etc. They are not equivalent to other software makers' point upgrades.
Sounds good, but Apple has gone the other way - they don't want to give you a full size keyboard. The mini keyboard is now the default on iMacs - no home or end keys, no right delete key, no page up or down, and inconvenient smaller arrow keys (and no number pad). You can only get the full-size keyboard with your new iMac online (BTO) from Apple - even the Apple Stores can't sell you an iMac with full-size keyboard! So I doubt Apple is going to put much effort into adding...
Not quite - they didn't test the NEW 3.06 GHz iMac.
If you had to guess, which unit do you think might be noisier? And which one more efficient? And which one might last longer?
I don't see why people can't accept the fact that the iMac is a good deal, compared with the closest similar offerings from Dell and HP. Again, it's for those who want the convenience of a good performing all-in-one computer. If you want to argue that Apple should make an affordable headless Mac, then that's fine (and I agree with you - I don't think they should make a bare bones budget computer, but I'd like a mid-priced tower). That doesn't take away from the fact that...
That's exactly the point - iLife is way better than anything (and everything) that comes with the other two computers, so it is an advantage for Apple. Now maybe the category should have been listed as "software in the box." Then there would be no argument, correct?
You're grasping at straws. The comparison is for those people who want the advantages of an all-in-one. Is that so hard to understand? Nowhere does the report say this is the best computer you can buy (or put together) for a certain amount of money. It merely says that for comparable manufacturers' all-in-ones, Apple has slightly better value than Dell or HP.
Are you on drugs? iLife comes free with the computer - if Dell or HP gave you any decent software in the box, it would have been included also as an advantage for them. All those titles you're talking about would add hundreds of dollars to the price. Sheesh.
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