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I have a home business so have quite a home network which is as follows: I have a WinXP machine that is connected to a Linksys BEFSR81 Router/Hub. This is connected to a cable modem for the internet as well as my main, server computer desktop. As well, from this hub it's connected to two network floor model printers. Then as well the 3rd cable goes to another part of the house. At that point it goes into another wired hub which is connected to two other desktops as...
I have a online retail business and am working on always expanding my customer database. I never really had an organized system on the PC but now that I'm switching to Mac I've decided it's time to get a good system. With the PC I did do some simple stuff on Outlook and as well on Quickbooks 2006. With the Mac I plan to upgrade to Quickbooks 2007 for Mac. This does a few things for me and for my PIM I'm looking at either Entourage or using the Mail, iCal, Address Book...
I am used to having to Defragment hard drives on the PC. Is this necessary on the Mac and if so is there a good program to buy to do it or does this come with the computer?
I use Scansoft Paperport for the PC for sorting/storing documents. I know it's not available for the Mac and maybe there is something better or maybe it's because of the Mac and the software is built in. Any suggestions on what I could use on the Mac or other options for something to sort/organize documents where you can search documents for data, etc?
I just upgraded to Mac from the PC and used a program frequently called Ulead CD&DVD PictureShow where you can basically take a lot of pictures from a digital camera, burn them to a CD or DVD, and create a slideshow to be played on a DVD player or even a computer. Is there anything like this for the Mac?
I know there's not a problem with viruses, worms, etc. in OS X but do I need to worry about Spyware, Adware, etc? Should I look for programs to get rid of those and if so any suggestions?
For the PC I have a suite of conversion programs by ImToo and Xilisoft which is basically a suite of programs to convert many media types any way you want such as mp4 to wmv, avi to wmv, wmv to avi, mp3 to others, etc. Basically you can convert any video or audio program between many formats. I'm not as concerned with picture formats since I think I can change these in Adobe PhotoShop and mostly just use jpg anyway. These programs will also convert video to be uploaded...
I see how .mac can sync bookmarks, ical, address book, and mail. Can it as well sync your documents folder? I'm not concerned about videos, music, and pictures since I don't update them often but I'm always on the go or at home updating documents and would like if they could be synced through .mac. If not, is there another good solution for the mac to sync documents?
I am thinking of getting a .mac account but I see how it syncs bookmarks for Safari but I'm thinking of switching to Firefox. If I do will it sync these bookmarks as well? Actually my perfect world would probably be to have both browsers side by side in case one works better in some cases and as well bookmarks synced between the two browsers. Can that be done?
I got my MBP today and it's sure a big change for Windows, all for the better! Honestly after I started using it I barely even touched my Windows laptop anymore. I'm not sure which web browser I'll use. I used Safari a lot and just tried Firefox. What I like about Firefox is the tabbed browsing and no pop-ups. Maybe I'm missing something in Safari but I haven't used tabbed browsing and most of all ,I'm getting a lot of popups. Is there a way to avoid them? As well,...
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