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Your iMac is not running hot at all. These C2D machines can handle 60+ Temps.
Wrong. The same thing happened to my 12" PowerBook. I just "Massaged" the area and it came back.
Maybe, it'll prolly play at a full 7FPS!
I'm suing Apple because my MacBook doesn't make the pop sound when you pull the power cored.
Sounds like a dead backlite. You'll have to replace the backlite or the entire screen wich can be costly.
No Spyware, or adware on a mac either.
Why does it look like the old nano?
I have the 17" $1199 model. It's the most powerfull computer I've ever owned. You really don't need any upgrades. Graphics would be the only upgrade worth it. But Halo runs perfectly on the stock 128MB x1600 with all settings on high.
I bought the 17" on saturday. It had a video problem, returned it and got a new one. I love it. A 2.0GHZ Core 2 duo for $1099 (after student discount) is really an excellent deal. The 17" seems MUCH bigger at home on my desk. I can't even imagine the 24".
No. Also a compatible upgrade CPU would cost ~$300-$400 alone.
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