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Actually, their Galaxy S II, the Amaze 4G, the Exhibit II, the Lumia 710, the Blaze 4G, and the unlocked Galaxy Nexus all support 1900 MHz 3G, and given that the first two are probably T-Mobile's most popular phones, I think it's safe to say that a decent percentage of T-Mobile's smartphone userbase will be able to use the PCS 3G right away.
Wow. That's quite likely the most tasteless analogy I've ever seen on the Internet, and that's saying something.
Google Voice Actions came out in Froyo, in August 2010. Apple added Siri in August 2011, buying a voice recognition app from a smaller developer in order to quickly catch up. Android's voice recognition feature was a full year earlier. All this article is about is Google renaming GVA to something more catchy in order to better compete with Apple's marketing machine. Apple certainly didn't invent the idea, and they weren't first to introduce it in a smartphone OS either.
Actually, there's one carrier that has plans exactly like what you want. Once the $15 payments have paid off the price of the phone, your bill goes down by $15. If you bring your own phone, your bill is $15 less off the bat. Can you guess which carrier this might be? Yup, T-Mobile. Get one of their plans locked in now, before AT&T shuts them off.
Android isn't a Linux-based system?
That article is talking about performance under conditions where you're writing a very large amount of data to the drive very quickly and often, which can occur in enterprise-level situations, such as a server. In those conditions, of course you need a large spare area, since both TRIM and idle-time garbage collection take time to clear up free space, and if you're putting constant stress on the drive such that you outrun them, you could use up the spare area, increase...
All SSDs bundle in extra capacity — Intel, Crucial, all of them. Most are about 7%, which for a 256 GB drive will be around 18 GB, which should be plenty given that you rarely write more than 18 GB at a time — but it still doesn't seem to help as much as you'd expect without TRIM support. Yes, it's true that SandForce drives tend to bundle more extra capacity than other controllers, but that doesn't make much of a difference according to Anandtech.Also, how is reserving a...
If you are perturbed about the information in this article, don't just complain about it here — let them know. http://bugreport.apple.com
TRIM's not a hack — it's the other way around, really. TRIM is a way for the OS to tell the SSD controller which blocks are free and able to be erased. You see, a drive has no way to tell the difference between a block that has valuable data on it and a block that used to have data on it which has now been trashed, because the only difference between the two is that for the trashed file, the HFS+ driver has made a change in the HFS+ catalog file to remove the file's...
Describing the iPod's what?
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