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thanks for giving me the best laugh of the day, no week !!!
check between ur legs,
8gb damn, i have 17gb of music, and the itouch with only 16 gb double damn. nothing here for me this year , maybe next memory upgrade? \
just take that word with a gram of lubricant
how dare they ......haters
maybe apple should merge the mac mini with the apple tv instead ?
and i have been waiting since january to buy but can't until after june, funds tied up till then, it looks like i have really missed the boat on this one
on a side note, thats where the tourist serial killer ivan millat did his terrible stuff,
it seems overly complicated, but maybe thats just so they cover everything in the patent application, anyway, i don't have to use all the functions and it will be much better than my one button mouse
proud to say i am responsible for 3 out of 100,000,000 ipods sold but seriously, i have always wanted to have "the ultimate" music collection and i know it would be close to impossible to find all the songs i like, and too expensive to buy considering that i would have to buy whole albums to get the songs i want, and a hassle to store all the cd's, so itunes has made it possible, it has allowed consumers like me to simply click, collect and enjoy what would have...
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