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Running latest version of iTunes on 2 Win 7 64 computers. I just bought a new laptop (one of the Win 7 machines) and decided to clean up my iTunes library before loading it onto the new computer. My old library (and iPod Classic) had lots of problems with dupes, missing songs in empty folders, and last-name-first alphabetizing problems.   I started out by trying to fix my existing Desktop library, so I could simply move it intact, then re-sync my iPod.   First problem...
I had to recently do a full reset of my iPod Classic, and after I synced it, I decided I needed to clean up my iTunes Library for dupes, misspelled and missing songs, etc. I spent a long time cleaning all the mistakes up in my iTunes Music folder, but iTunes still shows all the errors and doesn't show the missing music I re-added to the iTunes Music folder. Without making a huge mess, is the only way to fix the library iTunes is showing (and the one that syncs with my...
Ahhh, OK....
Point 1. Good to know Point 2. ???? Point 3. "To each, his own"
Lemme see if I have this correct...to get an iPod Touch 4G to mirror on a HDTV, you need the 40 pin to HDMI adapter cable, and Jailbreak the 4G. No Apple TV required, correct? Just a side comment...why does Apple do this? They have hardware that supports a function that would make the customer happy, and not lose any real money for Apple, but refuse to do so. Reminds me of those Samsung commercials that ran a couple months ago showing all the people waiting in line for...
Thanks tipoo. I forgot about the tools. I defragmented it a week or so ago, and that seemed to help a lot. I just ran the disk check tool and it completed without mentioning any errors. Hopefully everything is back to normal, or I'll just go ahead and restore it through iTunes.
Sorry, I didn't mention I'm running Windows XP on one computer, 7 (64 bit) on the other. Also, I have it set up in Disk Mode/Manually Manage. I played it for about an hour yesterday without any problems, so I don''t think it's completely messed up, but was hoping there was a way to clean it up without a full restore.
I use Copytrans to move music from one iTunes library to another via my iPod, and scanned it with their iPod Doctor. The report was there were errors, but of course they don't fix the errors unless you buy the program. Is it likely that doing a Restore of my Classic through iTunes would do the same thing?
I shut down the computer last night and for whatever reason (simple restart?), iTunes opens fine when I started the computer this morning.
I thought the problem I'm having with my iPod might be helped by restoring it through iTunes. When I opened iTunes, it said it needed the latest version, so I updated iTunes. Now when I try to open iTunes, I get the message "The iTunes Library .itl file is locked, or on a locked disk..." Never gotten that warning before. Any ideas? I tried unchecking the "read only" box under folder properties, but no luck (and the box rechecks itself). BTW, I'm running Windows XP.
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