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This is cool. And now I will be impulse buying movies.
I keep an iPod Touch in my car at all times to play music thru it.  I use the touch to access the music.  The factory radio is just a dumb terminal for me.  Just update the music periodically.  I don't want my phone attached to the radio.  I think there is still a market for it.  If Apple leaves the market, that will give space for someone to come in and claim it, and take off from there.  That is exactly what Apple did.  Apple needs to keep that space closed off as a...
If they leave that market, someone else will come in to fill it.  Its a good preemptive move to stay there and fill that space.
That's funny.  I'm a lawyer and told my wife I guess I need to get a BMW 5 Series.
Could they set up personal user accounts for DVR functions?  They have all those data centers and they already do iTunes Match and cloud based movies and TV shows.
Didn't Tim Cook say that the relationship with IBM was really good and there may be more coming out of it? Someone asked about Watson. Maybe Siri can be enhanced with that type of technology. I will say that when I went from iPhone 5S to iphone 6Plus, dictating text has become worse for me. The 5S seemed to be more accurate with iOS7. I also have orientation issues with messaging on the 6Plus. I have to go back to the home screen, rotate the phone, then get back into...
How is this different than Liquipel?
I have a need to run a Windows's only app on my computers. Hope this doesn't get phased out.
I have an Amazon card. Wonder if that works.
My guess is Apple's lawyers new this and waited for the trial to start. Once it starts, and you don't have a plaintiff, the case is screwed and done. If Apple's legal brought it up before trial, they may have been able to substitute plaintiffs. How old is this case. I bet Apple's lawyers were sitting on this for a long time, biding their time. Plaintiffs' lawyers have to be throwing up right about now. All those lost hours and $ flushed down the drain on something very...
New Posts  All Forums: