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How is this different than Liquipel?
I have a need to run a Windows's only app on my computers. Hope this doesn't get phased out.
I have an Amazon card. Wonder if that works.
My guess is Apple's lawyers new this and waited for the trial to start. Once it starts, and you don't have a plaintiff, the case is screwed and done. If Apple's legal brought it up before trial, they may have been able to substitute plaintiffs. How old is this case. I bet Apple's lawyers were sitting on this for a long time, biding their time. Plaintiffs' lawyers have to be throwing up right about now. All those lost hours and $ flushed down the drain on something very...
I've had the TV for a while.  If Apple comes thru (I've waited far too long), the wife will get the Samsung and I'll get the Apple TV.  Otherwise, there is a divorce in her future.
I said I would never own a Samsung product, but when it was time to replace my old flatscreen, all the research I did online and in the stores showed that Samsung had the best screen in the 60" class.  I am very happy with the screen.  The Smart part is not so smart, and haven't used it since the initial setup. Screen great, rest bad.
I actually caught myself saying "period" while I was talking to a client on the phone.  Real professional!
Hahahaha.  That's funny.
No issues with a 2013 Dart and iPhone 4S with 8.02.
No vacations for Apple!
New Posts  All Forums: