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Hahahaha.  That's funny.
No issues with a 2013 Dart and iPhone 4S with 8.02.
No vacations for Apple!
The only issue I have been having is with Movie and TV Show art work not showing up and instead getting a grey box with the title in it.  This problem started with the iOS8 upgrade.  Some show up and most don't.  And I've even tried using art work that works with one title, but still won't show up on a different title.  Happens to both my iPhone 5S and iPad Air.   I have been checking the Apple forums, and others seem to have this problem with no fix.  I've been leaving...
I like their drives, but I've also had the same problem.  Anymore, I just call tech support and tell them the power supply sounds like "crackling bacon" and they send a replacement.
I wish we could get back full view of album art and movie posters.
Every news alert service that I subscribe to had a positive headline, but AI.
Thank God we were all saved from Apple
I watched the car presentation. Stated the safety feature for keeping your eyes on the road. All he did was stare at his phone and car display flipping thru numerous screens to get what he was looking for. Crowd response seemed lackluster, I thought. Also, the simulator car on the stage was sad to watch.
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