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Every news alert service that I subscribe to had a positive headline, but AI.
Thank God we were all saved from Apple
I watched the car presentation. Stated the safety feature for keeping your eyes on the road. All he did was stare at his phone and car display flipping thru numerous screens to get what he was looking for. Crowd response seemed lackluster, I thought. Also, the simulator car on the stage was sad to watch.
Depends how the radio works.  I found hardware to mount between my iPhone and car stereo using the multi CD changer function.  I control the music with my phone which is the best interface I've found.   My truck has a bluetooth setup that I use with my iPhone or iPad.  The car stereo takes over the iPhone and you have to access the music thru the car stereo.  The car stereo has a hideous interface and even if I try to use the the phone, the car stereo overrides it.  It is...
I was periodically having this issue.  I installed a free program from the Mac App Store called MemoryKeeper.  It sits in the Menu bar and you can activate it manually or automatically.  It cleans out the memory that is being held but no longer needed.  My slow downs have stopped.  
I've tried that.  It is so temperamental, I just turned the feature off.  Looking forward to a fix.
I'm done with Microsoft products. We use Office in our business, primarily Word. And the only reason I'm using it is because all the other businesses I deal with use Word (we swap documents). But when Microsoft switched to licensing Office instead of out right purchase, no more. I will use the version I have until it no longer functions. Then I'll make the switch to something that is compatible. I have Pages, and that does what I need a word processing program to do....
I would have liked to see a video of it in action.
Nice Enter The Dragon reference.
Damn funny.
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