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I would have liked to see a video of it in action.
Nice Enter The Dragon reference.
Damn funny.
 I'm waiting for the new iPad.  iPhone 5S processor and 128GB.  And if it comes in gold, I'm pre-ordering.
I like the mock up. I'm most interested in the 128GB storage.
I don't care what color it is, I'm due for an upgrade. I'm taken the 128GB if this is true. I have my 64GB tapped out with music and movies. If I have down time, I'm never bored. I'll take it in gold. What I would love is Product (RED). Like a hot sports car. Oh yea, the new phones are supplanting sports cars for wiener compensation. And I'm ok with a shiny brand new gold 128GB iPhone. ;-)
Terrible headline.  Terrible article. When did the judge say this?  Before or after testimony?     Terrible wording!
New Posts  All Forums: