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 I'm waiting for the new iPad.  iPhone 5S processor and 128GB.  And if it comes in gold, I'm pre-ordering.
I like the mock up. I'm most interested in the 128GB storage.
I don't care what color it is, I'm due for an upgrade. I'm taken the 128GB if this is true. I have my 64GB tapped out with music and movies. If I have down time, I'm never bored. I'll take it in gold. What I would love is Product (RED). Like a hot sports car. Oh yea, the new phones are supplanting sports cars for wiener compensation. And I'm ok with a shiny brand new gold 128GB iPhone. ;-)
Terrible headline.  Terrible article. When did the judge say this?  Before or after testimony?     Terrible wording!
I watched and was impressed. I liked the voice integration and the input switching. Hope Apple gets its act together and does something amazing. My son informs me I will be buying one. I can't disagree.
Great ad. Phone is DOA.
I'd take red in a heartbeat!
New Posts  All Forums: