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Cool!  Is this only for OS 10.8.  Don't see it on my other Macs.
How do you do this??
Holy shit that's scary!
I feel the same way. 1500 movies and 9,000 songs, and now no using visual art while sorting by date added.
No kidding!
I miss cover flow.
I rip my movies and add them.  I don't see the Show rating in the title any more.   Not updating this one at home.
I can't find cover flow for movies or sorting movie with art by date added.  Not happy.
I would love to have visualizer on my AppleTV.  That would be awesome.
I don't need any new TVs, at least for 5 years. Give me a box by Apple that also delivers cable, and I'll by 5 for all my TVs.
New Posts  All Forums: