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I have it on all my phones and it is awesome.
I gave in and ordered the Droid Incredible Monday. Shit! I can return within 30 days of receiving it, which will be the end of July. Hoping for some confirmation before that. If I thought the iPhone would come to Verizon this January, I would just hold onto my Dare until then.
I use this and love it.http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ultra...343700506?mt=8 ULTRA TRAINER
Hmm. I see. I missed that. I can see his point, though I didn't get that from the quotes. Fair enough. I ordered 2. One for me and my father. I can't wait. I am definitely a fan. But I am tired of giving tech support to my father on his MacBook. The only thing he doesn't call me about is his Touch. And he gives presentations from it. Have at it old man.
And what the publishers want are viewers. They will adapt.
Got my 2!
I set a Touch up for my father to give presentations (using movies and photos). It was much easier for him to operate the Touch than his MacBook. He just pugs it into a customer's TV rca jacks. The iPad will be so much better for this. I'm getting him one as soon as they come out. And with Keynote, we will now have more presentation options. This has some real possibilities.
I've had nonstop issues with my 2nd gen nano. I have to quit iTunes and restart it.
Exactly (from a practicing lawyer of over 15 years).
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