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And what the publishers want are viewers. They will adapt.
Got my 2!
I set a Touch up for my father to give presentations (using movies and photos). It was much easier for him to operate the Touch than his MacBook. He just pugs it into a customer's TV rca jacks. The iPad will be so much better for this. I'm getting him one as soon as they come out. And with Keynote, we will now have more presentation options. This has some real possibilities.
I've had nonstop issues with my 2nd gen nano. I have to quit iTunes and restart it.
Exactly (from a practicing lawyer of over 15 years).
FAIL. That was the only reason to upgrade.
This is excellent!!!! Right below the original post there is a Google ad for unlocking the iPhone. HAHAHAHA
If they could get this on Verizon, I know of a ton of people that would be all over this. The functionality of the Touch, with regular ol' phone service on Verizon. Everyone I know (stuck with Verizon) would be on it.
I just read somewhere that the HTC is coming out with a version that will work on the Verizon network, so maybe there is some hope. If I can still hook it up to iTunes, I can load my own songs and movies. That's all I care about.
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