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That's funny. Its like watching porn and pointing out all the stupid shit in the background. Yea, you know when you've watched too much porn.
Nice. Shapooppy.
As a lawyer who practices both plaintiff and defense work, if you are bitching that the judge didn't understand key elements, you did a shitty job.
I just bailed on Netflix. I think the content on the streaming side sucked, but my kids watched it occasionally. I cancelled the streaming at the price hike. I liked the DVDs but the new releases were not really "new" and were always on a long wait. I just cancelled the DVDs. Streaming and DVDs at the old price had value for me, but not for the new price. Now I go to the local video store and rent the new releases on the day they come out.
Its the only game I play regularly. I don't want to play online. My friend just got his first Apple product, iPhone, and was going to download it. Bummer.
I set my parents up with an AppleTV and the remote sets off their iMac. The AppleTV starts a movie and the iMac starts playing music. I haven't found a way to stop it either.
That's funny!
Find me some good porn.
That specific McDonalds intentionally made the coffee scalding hot to run the old people off from sitting around all day getting refills. The McDonalds executives that testifies were such pompous asses that they pissed the jury off. Thats why the big award. The court of appeals also dramatically reduced the damages awarded. Nobody ever hears the whole story.
New Posts  All Forums: