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Does anybody know if Apple has added any extra keyboard shortcuts with the use of a bluetooth keyboard, and also if they have now allowed 3rd party apps access to the control and arrow keys? I need to know because it would be great to use at work for our electronic medical records system and not being able to use the TAB or Control and arrow keys really suck while using the Citrix app. Thanks
Does anybody know if the there are more bluetooth keyboard shortcuts added to this update? I am looking to use some ipads at work for electronic medical records and before, the ios wouldn't allow 3rd party apps to use control keys or directional keys to help with navigation. I am hoping this is fixed in this new update.
I am trying to sync my mac with 2 different mobile me accounts, one for mail and contacts, and the other for just the calendar. does anybody know how to set that up?? thanks
so, now that mobile me is live, does anybody have an answer to my question??
So, I was wondering if I were to buy the MobileMe Family Pack, would it allow me and my wife to share a calendar? So when we both buy the new 3g Iphone, we would have different email addresses but the same calendar, so if she made an entry into the calendar it would get pushed out to my phone as well?? would it work like that?? I hope so!! that would be really nice!!
"Coctails on the Fly" is another good one from that site, and its an HD podcast for your apple tv !!
They could make the Wifi sharing just like they do with apple TV when it connects to other shared libraries. Just share your library, but not really sync with another ipod. that way no songs actually get copied to the other ipod.
I just got my 24" Imac!! I LOVE IT!!! anyway, is there any way to export my address book from my old pc with outlook express and import all my address's into mail??
I noticed that the amp/speakers built into the new 24" Imac are twice as powerful as the other versions. Has anybody compared them? How do they sound??
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