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yes i reset the PMU
im running the lastest version of osx and i did every update apple gave me......
I just got a macbook from a friend. He had already gotten the logic board and the heatsink replaced by apple i noticed that ever since i got it that it wont go to sleep when i close the lid it jsut stays on now this is PRIOR to all the updates, this is a fresh install of the cds that came with the laptop.. could that be it? also, when i do a manual sleep... any sudden movement i make to the laptop, causes it to wake up... can this be fixed?
forget it man. pointless topic i guess
people ok some of you are jsut trying to be funny the budweiser crap isnt practical none of that stuff is. and im not talking about the glowing trail again you guys are not being practical and ur trying to prove a point and ur going a little over the edge. the glowing wheel however IS PRACTICAL and it is something that could have been very easily made. so stop being ignorant people and think again. the glowing stream i know is fake, i dont think ANYONE thought by...
cingular is gsm i only say cingular because they already have phones with 'itunes' on them, so maybe apple has a deal with cingular?
see you are taking too far... if someone looks at that commercial they will immediately think, the circle wheel glows. and the screen glows the color of the ipod. that isnt something stupid to think. ive heard tons of people think it glows. i was inthe apple store the othet day and like 10 people i overheard saying 'why doesnt the circle wheel glow?'
Personally I think this. Those commercials out for apple now, you know, the ones advertising the new Nanos? At least agree on me with this, dont you think the AVERAGE customer or person who doesnt know much about apple at all would take those commercials as thinking the circle wheel glows brightly and the lcd screen glows the color of the nano? I mean come on. Even I thought that. I'll give it another afew weeks before they put out a new nano commercial because...
HIGHLY doubt. its not possible. unless they release some type of digital frame that also incorporates audio.. otherwise, i doubt it
What service will it be on? Im assuming Cingular? I would hope that apple would do something that no other cellphone company has ever done, and that is create a phone that can be used on ANY provider. Or at least have it available in GSM and CDMA formats.. anyword on what provider will pick it up? Again I'm pretty sure it'll be cingular...
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