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got it. thanks for taking the time. v
cool. that really helped. i think i'll do just what you suggested. one thing i did not understand. is my 1oMB HD basically too small to effectively install 1gig? what exactly do you mean with : 'RAM in your machine gets approx 200+ MB/sec, whereas your harddrive gets about 16 MB/sec.' ? thanks, valeska
thank you. i think i've seen that one. they offer a 'stacked' version. somehow that sound dangerous. anybody else? i'm still wondering. [ 03-01-2002: Message edited by: valeska ] [ 03-01-2002: Message edited by: valeska ]

great, after hours of reaseach i'm finally really concerned to buy the wrong stuff. can anybody help? i would like to install 2x512mb on my powerbook. currently i got 2x128mb. some websites mention that 512mb should not be installed in the lower slot, at least not by myself. supposingly apple doesn't recommend it either. but most sites don't mention anything about that, including apples. and do i have to buy brand ram to be safe? prices are either around $380 or $580....
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