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You don't know who you are dealing with here. Be careful about your assumptions. dorsal
Ha Ha I just can't do it anymore.I had some good fake rumors coming too! This is why I named the thread "to those who believe." I thought the Admins would just along with it in order to get some page hits. As soon as I saw they were pessimistic, I lost interest. It would take too much time to make up the rumors the real Dorsal came up with.Remember that. I do believe he was for real.Oh well! dorsal (the fake)
I do not know what their plans are with some of the earlier features I spoke of earlier in the year, but they must have made some big changes to their schedule. I expect them to blow everyone away at MWSF. The current Quicksilver' s are obviously buying them 6 months more time. More time that will be completely worth it. Those models are crippled versions of what I earlier have worked with. More on specifics later..... dorsal
We've been going through some exciting times here lately. Lots to tell you. Nice to have AI back. More later..... dorsal
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