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It's a pity no GPS included. I would've liked it for tracking steps/runs; geo-tagging photos; offline maps; and star gazing apps.   With the A8 and a 4" screen, I'm almost certain some game developers would be tearing their hair out to consider supporting three iPhone/iPod + maybe two iPad (Air/Pro) resolutions running Metal!   But mostly, I'm hopeful a new 4" iPhone will have most of these features to replace my 5s. I gave my iPhone 6 to the wife after six months and...
You could argue this supports the notion Apple is more expensive and you could buy a "good enough" Android phone for much less, with a greater variety.
So what's the good news?
Don't make it just "low end", and with 64GB option please!
Article is amusing, but I do wonder how well the Note 4 will sell. A nice screen, pen/stylus, and possibly less bendable body will suit many who are already on Android.
Hope there's no copyright issues!
The iPhone 4S is a great phone. I just changed over to a 5, but the 4S is still fully functional and as new. The only gripes compared to the 5 was that the 4S was thicker, heavier and more fragile. But the size is great.
Goes to show how big Android is in the consumer market.
He got fired. End of story.
Only time it's a touch exciting. Let's see which of DED's scenario plays out!
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