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Just don't get creepy. Nor murderous.
Retail is hard. Kudos for the years of service.
So Jesse is happy with a token? Microsoft's and Adobe's CEOs aren't exactly "Caucasian", right. It would be wrong to not offer an opportunity to anyone based on race, but you can't demand inclusion if there without relevant contribution. It also assumes any race based appointment would have a race based agenda. Anyway, look to the POTUS and Cosmos 2014 presenter. Just fabulous.
Great to have something to look forward to beyond work.
Cool. So it'll run fast on the iPhone 3G?
So still no iPad support with WhatsApp?
Nice to reminisce, but why are you lot talking like the iPod is dead? It'll probably be the name of a new "iWatch" family.
Just stick with the older versions of iWork which do NOT get removed for previous documents. Can't help with loss of data and no back ups however.
So this is news, or even a good guess?
All this effort just so that Apple won't have to make any more ejector tools.
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