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Love the "Enhance!" CSI magic.
rjc999, there's a job for you at the DoJ. Unless you already worked there.
Surprised about Russia, unless they're coming from a really low base and not relying on the big three carriers there.
Good article. But credit where it's due, I don't think Surface RT copied the iPad. At least not much in UI.
You just have to accept stupid are rewarded to stay stupid. Having said that, why wouldn't Apple figure out a way to make In-App Purchases as an option turned off as a default?
Maybe you could get a case to make your 5/5S look like a Lite.
A lot of pundits who try to educate on who copied who are either too young or getting too old to remember what really happened. And are too lazy to look it up. DED usually nail these.
Is this the "My Ass" model? Would've loved to hear it from Jony. Wonder if Thunderbolt 2 is delaying it.
Nice write up, DED. I think it would make the point however even if you didn't give so much airtime to WP and Android. You know, focus on simplicity. ;
No more wrist strap?
New Posts  All Forums: