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Why not? You already have the "Jesus Phone".
Once you get to a certain size, you might need to consider moving everything in-house if your supplier becomes an image of you. I wouldn't be surprised Samsung makes everything in the washing machine I bought, down to the holding screws and plastics. Or at least own the suppliers that do.
Great PR response.
Cool. Where wireless can't do the job, this would be fantastic. Sounds pretty expensive tho.
I agree. How did you manage to interpret this as a jab against Apple?
Perception of greater market share surely sways potential buyers in believing popularity of the device must count for something, or at least be on a shortlist.
Regarding difference between iPad and iPhone numbers, I have my iPhone with me way more often then my iPad. Unfortunately I can only purchase iPad apps on the iPad, not the iPhone. the reverse of course is true. This means some times I miss out on deals because I can't get to an iPad or computer.
I wouldn't mind it if they tweaked it so you could plug in a micro USB cable at the back without unplugging the HDMI cable first.
Certainly don't seem to get that with Australian telcos selling online direct to customers. I assume they move heaps in the early months a new model comes out.
I agree it's not an attractive timepiece (to me). It's utility may be worthwhile, but it's not a must have right now if I have to wear that on my wrist even for free.
New Posts  All Forums: