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Nice analysis, DED. So people really pay $2k for this type of "report"?
I think Samsung has Nano in the name of a fridge. Anyway, too early for April Fool's.
I remember lusting after the Porsche 928 when it first came out. Younger folk (ie most of you!) would have no idea.
Isn't it a tad early for April Fool's?
There still needs to be parental supervision and responsibility at some point. Would most parents let their kids run amok with their credit cards? Apple should make in-app purchases harder by default, with the option to set monetary limits however.
Guy moved on long time ago.
Doesn't really pay to invest in the share market for the average investor, does it?
Why not? You already have the "Jesus Phone".
Once you get to a certain size, you might need to consider moving everything in-house if your supplier becomes an image of you. I wouldn't be surprised Samsung makes everything in the washing machine I bought, down to the holding screws and plastics. Or at least own the suppliers that do.
Great PR response.
New Posts  All Forums: