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It would be quite important to get it in before the Chinese new year (Feb), a huge gift-giving season. The calendar year end is also big for gifts in China.
Much ado about nothing.
Figure out how to delete a file from iTunes, and spare us your crap.
Too many courts in this country run by clowns for judges (in this instance, I don't mean the appellate court, but the trial court).
Biometric data?
Could be just a b-s rumor would be my guess.
No way. It's absolutely legitimate -- and sensible -- for Apple to get the security and implementation 100% right before putting it out there for anyone and everyone.  This decision is a no-brainer.
"Follow the money."   No truer three words have been spoken in business or in politics.
Um... It's alright to ask a poster a question and expect to get an answer from him/her, even in an open forum. Unless the other person responding is their proxy, or knows their reasoning. And unless you're the expert on all things 'open forum.'
Yes, much.
New Posts  All Forums: