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C'mon now. A lot of these adapters are available for a few bucks each from a number of third-party providers and outlets like Monoprix.
I am perfectly happy with the current battery life, and thinness is an attribute I value. So I would be totally fine with a move like this. Apple's past success is proof that people with your pov are in the minority.If you need longer battery life, there are lots of third party options available. So I don't understand what you're (and others here are) complaining about.
I will probably always use both. It would be a game-changer for users like me if Apple could create an iOS file and folder access app for OS X, and a similar iOS app to access OS X files and folders. Transfers should be made possible via iCloud, Airdrop and/or BT. As an aside, do current iPad apps look fine on the Pro? What's the early verdict?
Apple is doomed.™
As someone pointed out above, inductive charging?
I really don't think the expletive was necessary. Moreover -- and I am not saying it's true or not in this particular instance -- the fact that someone thinks they may have explained something doesn't necessarily mean that the recipient thought so (although it would be nice if the recipient acknowledged the response and built on it).
A couple of thoughts. One, does Apple freely make available the Lightning connector technology to third parties? I recall vaguely that there was some issue about that in the past, and I lost track of whether and how it was resolved. I bring it up in the context of some third party maker being able to create a 3.5 pin-to-Lightning adapter so people can continue to use their legacy headsets. (I still use the 30-pin to 8-pin adapter occasionally). Second, I hope Apple can...
All the whining aside, I give thanks for Apple in my life, and AAPL in my portfolio! Happy thanksgiving, all!
I've ordered my keyboard, but I do wish there were color choices other than just this dull grey.
The new AppleTV is -- so far -- the first Apple product that I don't regret not buying, in a very long while. Since I am not into gaming at all, it's not like I am missing much relative to the @TV3s that I have. I can't believe that Apple hasn't bothered yet to even allow iOS and Watch remotes to work. Really quite strange, even tone deaf. I don't think that the product rises to the level of the claim of "the future of television." Not by a long shot.
New Posts  All Forums: