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Again, a post that just conflates two completely different issues.To suggest that regulation that attempts to rein in monopolists' ability to control pipes mutates into 37% in taxes is just silly.
Calm down, dude. Don't be so uninformed. Perhaps you're good at divining hidden agendas and conspiracies, but read the proposed regulation that is colloquially called 'net neutrality' before spouting off.
Don't drive, if you can't responsibly.
I agreed with Wheeler on net neutrality. But this is utter BS. Given the geography of this country, it will be ridiculously expensive to make happen.    If someone chooses to live in a rural area, they have to make some compromises, or spend more to gain access.
Not sure if you forgot the "/s" tag or are being serious, but if the latter: does membership in the Coalition require me to bring my own pacifier, bib and diaper, or do you provide them?
While I am no Chevrolet fan, hats off to them for doing this!
Quit your usual nonsense.
Yeah, that is absolute BS.
Whatever Apple decides to do in this sphere, I hope its foray into search will be less cumbersome and hesitant than its moves into maps (much better, but still leaves a lot to be desired), email (I barely use my Apple Mail account anymore), social (we all know about that one), and web browsing (much improved now). They're all decent-to-good, but none of them hits the ball out of the park for me.   Also, I hope that Apple does not dump Google for Yahoo (cr4p), Bing (I...
This fad will be history in a couple of years.
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