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OK. That photo's cringe-inducing.   Hope Apple had nothing to do with this placement.
I think you mean "charge the merchant"?
Surely, that does not mean that the magnetic stripe itself will be unusable with chip cards?
Are you suggesting that their prior models had no useful features? Btw, what are some of the supposedly great new useful features with this model (since you've mentioned it more than once, above)?
Apple will spay them alright....
The New York Times article also essentially predicts that the AppleWatch will be tough going for Apple. We should check back with the author in six months.
The S6 looks remarkably -- but unsurprisingly -- similar to the iPhone 6. At this point, it is in line with our expectations of Samsung. I predict Xioami will rip off the Edge in no time, and Samsung will be back to square one in competing for the low end.
I am afraid you're seriously misrepresenting things. The Nazis were a state actor. ISIS, Al Qaida, etc were/are not. They are lawless, stateless entities. So, even if one wanted to reach out with understanding (which I think will amount to a hill of beans with these thugs, who'll probably just send the messengers' heads back on a platter), with whom does one negotiate? About what?
1) I was talking about the BMW. I have no idea about "fobs" that "there are" out there. Looks like the notion of self-charging may be a myth vis-a-vis the BMW. I just checked my manual, and all it says is open the cover (after taking out the physical key), remove cover, replace battery, close cover. Nothing about self-charging. 2) The mention of the battery was redundant, agreed. Also, no need to really take it to the dealer per (1) above. 3) Even if the fob battery is...
He makes what he makes. If that doesn't suit your Highness, go and consume something else. Or nothing, for all we (or Apple) could care.
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