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If Apple shipped 631,000 watches before they could even be pre-ordered, I have no doubt at all that pigs could fly. Or, this guy's smoking something really good.
If so, and if the customer is willing to pay $50, yea for me, as a shareholder!
See here: http://store.apple.com/us/watch/sizing-guide It says that it'll fit 150mm - 200mm wrists.
Nice job, AI!   I wonder whether Handoff will also allow viewing on an iPad or Mac. Should be quite easy to do via a Bluetooth or wifi connection and some software?   Wow, the possibilities....
Heck, stop. I am willing to bet that Apple's packaging plastic is from recycled material. Plastic can, and should, be recycled. Without plastics, you don't have a computer,  a phone, a car, an X-ray, a button, reading glasses..... want me to go on? Or, if you did, you'd be supplanting it with wood or metals, the environmental and energy consequences of which are even worse. In fact, if plastic can be kept away from landfills -- I am saying this only half jokingly -- it's...
"Very little science going on"?! Did you even bother to read the story above? Its says: "Apple gave the Watch an IPX7 water resistance rating, which generally means the device could withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Apple cautions users against such immersion, however." What 'science' are you looking for? From whom?
Why would you expect such a 'fluke'? Do you think Apple's QA is likely to be different for different batches?
I got this email last night.   It's bloody brilliant. It really ups the game.
In my local grocery store, it's in the 'Intenational' section (which, of course, carries mostly ethnic foods).
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