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Someone actually cares about this!?
Wow. It's really has been a ridiculously slow news couple of days at AI, or we're at the start of a seemingly slow descent by AI into Verge-dom: Page 1 headlines so far this week include stories about Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, Yahoo, Micron, Stagefright, Motorola....
Bookmark this: https://help.apple.com/watch/
So what? It means therefore that ATT, as the new owners, had to be in complete agreement. That's consistent with what I posted. End of story.Add: @SY's post clarifies it better.
I've owned the iPhone since the first day it was made available. I never once got a bill fom 'Cingular', only ATT. So you're wrong.As to the Verizon incident, I said it was a rumor. But I do recall that a number of very credible news sources were saying the same thing. (I don't have the time to dig out those stories).
I generally find counterfactuals to be a waste of time, discussion-wise.I prefer factuals!
I agree. I thought it was a very good -- not great, but really good -- movie.
The real genius was to get ATT to completely fall in line, in return for which, Steve gave them the promised exclusivity (even in the face of considerable commentary that said Apple should move to other carriers quicker). Rumors then also had it that Verizon wanted carrier control, but Steve told them to take a hike.Once ATT was in the bag, the rest had no choice but to follow.
I like Boyle, and Fassbender. Sorkin, less so.   I have no doubt this will be a great film. And, it will put to sleep the documentary garbage that's currently making the rounds.
Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out.The complication in my case is also the fact that three out of the four of us in the family operate off the same data (although the kids' stuff is probably no more than 1,000 songs max), abs they have their own playlists and such.
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