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Except for Apple fans like us who have an idea of what might be on tap and when (since we avidly follow and speculate on all this stuff), most people don't wait around, keeping hundreds of dollars in reserve, expecting some ephemeral/rumored product or update to arrive from 'Apple'.  Just ask around.
Um.... not that I particularly care about what the analysts think, but most analysts have, indeed, 'figured this out'. Most price targets for Apple are in the mid-to-upper 600s. So, I have no clue what you're talking about.
Not really, from a cash flow standpoint. Rounding error. That's simply a fact, not an opinion.
The market -- rightly or wrongly (although I think wrongly, but I am getting a bit frustrated myself) -- perceives lack of growth opportunities in Apple. Sales have been relatively flat, and profit has declined. The market's current guess is the company is in Microsoft mode (in the early 2000s) when it started to go sideways, milking cash flows from the assets-in-place. But, much of the value associated with the assets-in-place has already been priced in (including the...
For an operations guy, Tim Cook's product update/launch timetable is totally puzzling.   They're all seemingly bunched in the 4th quarter of the calendar year for 2014 too. The problem is, consumer wallets have already seen nine months go by. Moreover, the global supply chain is frantically working its b*** off for everyone for the holiday season, increasing the chances of delays and stock-outs.   I could understand this happening in a transition year -- 2013 -- as...
You forget that a demand curve did not exist. For anything similar. Ever. It was radical and different.That, more than anything else, tells us why/how it was a completely new product category.
I empathize. Considering all the $$ I've spent on John McLaughlin tees..... (for the past 35 years, with just about every incarnation of his)!
The mark of a good writer is to never stray outside his/her sphere of competence.I hope DED will stay far away from stock price prognostications.
Lol. Your posts are usually of a much higher quality than that, so I'll attribute it to your just not thinking very much before hitting 'submit.'Btw, let me ask you: do you love posting regularly on AI only because of all the love you're feeling in return?
There was an idiot in the other thread who was going on about 'why should consumers be loyal to brands?'   I hope he had the sense to read this blog. He might actually learn something.
New Posts  All Forums: