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That is a poor argument.
Then please accept my apologies.
Yet, you've complained about the speaker quality of iMacs on these boards forever. A product that Jobs created.Sorry, Ireland, but that sounds a tad facile and hypocritical.
You can't be serious.... (too bad there isn't an emoticon for 'clutching my sides when laughing')...
What do you think it'll be priced at? Substantially enough less than $350 to make it attractive to buyers, and yet make a profit? Really? What is the pricing on their iPhone-equivalent smartphones?
Who cares about el cheapos....
It does.  But look at the bright side: you'll have heard nothing at all about it, and you can watch as though you're hearing it live!
If it is as good as it sounds, it'll be slavishly and blatantly copied in no time, and soon afterwards, the meme will be "oh, Apple didn't create this, it was all obvious." Sigh.   And we know who they'll be in this Forum. No need to name names.
I'll believe they have something tangible on this front when they have ESPN -- which is owned by Disney, whose CEO sits on Apple's board -- signed on. Until then, I see no reason why anyone else would sign on. It's a hill of beans. (Not that it bothers me anyway. I think Apple should simply get out of the content business altogether, including music, books, movies, TV etc.).
Must be..
New Posts  All Forums: