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Nothing necessarily stupid about. The 'all-time high' becomes a future benchmark to beat, that's all.
Wow. Bale/DiCaprio and not Fassbender.Are you utterly clueless or did you forget the /sarcasm tag?
"When"?Lol. You guys a have a sense of humor...
I predict that Apple will not buy much more, certainly not at this price. It would not make much economic sense. I am guessing that they'll however return a big lump sum to investors via a special dividend.Of course, that prediction is worth the paper it's written on....
We don't normally agree a lot, but on this one, you're spot on. Apple needs to hire someone and give him/her the authority to step back a bit, figure out the big picture of what it wants to do with the Cloud over the long haul, and go about implementing it. Right now, iCloud is just a mediocre product, with far too many drip-drip-drip changes...... almost an afterthought. I've long ago moved on to using other solutions
 'Up' compared to what?
I agree with the Al Gore point. Sometimes I think the best thing that can happen to the climate 'debate' is for Al Gore to shut up about it already.
LOL. That's news to me! Someone's making money off climate change?  Btw, sorry to tell you this, but NRG (one of the largest coal-based utilities in the US) is then surely the biggest moonbeam: http://nyti.ms/11IqFXK  (I know you don't have to, and likely won't, but I do wish to tell you -- educate yourself: http://www.nrg.com)
I always get a chuckle out of the cognitive dissonance that pro-Apple anti-science Right wing nut-jobs must face when they have to deal with stuff like this: http://fortune.com/2014/03/01/apples-tim-cook-picks-a-fight-with-climate-change-deniers/
I never cease to be amazed by how low expectations can be sometimes.... 
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