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Yep, your one data point trumps a survey.
Do you think other tech companies are different? Just stop, with your ludicrously stupid posts.
Apple will sell very little in Russia then.It's not an issue as long as the ruble is convertible. (If it stops being convertible, Russia's problems will have ratcheted up to a completely different level.)
Two utterly moronic posts.
I've said from the start that we should not expect much out of ApplePay until 2016, perhaps even 2017. Primarily because there are not more than 20 million or so (I am guessing) iPhone 6s around in the US, and not enough merchants with enough terminals have signed on. That's exactly how it seems to be panning out. That said, I wonder if the data includes all the non-'ApplePay', just plain NFC terminals where one can use the iPhone 6, but have to still go through the...
'Few' and 'supposed' dead civilians in Iraq?Look, I can often look past your extreme -- and sometimes childish, but I have to admit, often funny -- views on issues.But such a high level of ignorance is quite sad to see. I really expected better.
Yeah, they could also make and sell PCs and low end Android phones. /sApple faces no 'dilemma'. They face a tax problem thanks to the stupid US tax policy for multinational corporations. It'll get worked out in due course.
I have absolutely no idea what your post means.
Who said they "needed" to return money to shareholders? I certainly did not.Yes, buybacks generally make more sense than dividends, but only at the right price. And not always.
Apple does not 'have' to do anything. It can simply cancel or postpone the buybacks, or return money to shareholders in other ways.
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