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There's always that hope......
I have a nasty feeling that the Milanese Loopers may be in for a bit of a wait....
Same here. (Although, mine was about a minute after the store opened...)
A plausible explanation is that Apple handed them out a few weeks ago not having a sense of how this new product category will pan out. The celebs are showing it off.At this point, given what they've seen is overwhelming demand, it has perhaps become unnecessary.
It would have been a bit more helpful if the article had mentioned which combination of models and straps were the ones being prepared for shipment.
... and act all virtuous about how clean their energy is -- and drive the most Teslas per-capita -- when pretty much all of their wealth comes from selling dirty fossil fuel to the world.
Frankly, I think they get their serious material from sites like these.
Well, you haven't been looking in some pretty obvious places, then: see this article from yesterday's New York Times on Apple new 'luxury' strategy: 'Apple Promotes Watch as Luxury'.
I had ordered the Watch sight unseen, but I finally had the chance to see one 'live' and spend some time with it today. It is bloody gorgeous. I was amazed by how compact the 38mm is, and how reasonably-sized the 42mm is. The entire thing is delicate and classy-looking, and screams quality. The crown, btw, is a marvelous piece of engineering. The interface is simple and intuitive, took me all of ten minutes to figure out. The competition is not even in the same planet....
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