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What's "most useful" for you may not be the same for me.
My regular SS, which arrived on April 24, also came in a 'square box' (actually, a cube) and the chrome highlighted puck.
Wow. What a surprise.   A bunch of third-rate copyists, not all that different from Samsung....
Interesting question! I just did, and yes it does (took about 20 seconds; 72 BPM, when the 'regular' side showed 74 BPM).
Is that really true? I've heard that the quality beats regular HD? Wasn't this the raison d'être for Aereo's (short) existence?
Fortunately, this does not seem to be an issue for me after the update.....
Leaving aside the issue of ATT taking away -- or not, since this is a rumor -- the opportunity to buy from Apple (which I doubt will ever happen), I really don't understand the implication in the article that the 'subsidized' model is actually subsidized (compared to the Next model). On what planet?
These are two great companies with rich histories collaborating, and they're merely getting started. It will be an amazing partnership when it fully comes to fruition. Competitors must be shaking their heads in frustration wondering how they're going to get into this space.
Hmmm... Is there anyone other than Foxconn that Apple could have considered? Seriously? The "well-connected insider" strikes again!
I have asked this question for years.....I have a well-founded suspicion that there is some well-connected financial relationship between Kuo and AI.
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