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I empathize. Considering all the $$ I've spent on John McLaughlin tees..... (for the past 35 years, with just about every incarnation of his)!
The mark of a good writer is to never stray outside his/her sphere of competence.I hope DED will stay far away from stock price prognostications.
Lol. Your posts are usually of a much higher quality than that, so I'll attribute it to your just not thinking very much before hitting 'submit.'Btw, let me ask you: do you love posting regularly on AI only because of all the love you're feeling in return?
There was an idiot in the other thread who was going on about 'why should consumers be loyal to brands?'   I hope he had the sense to read this blog. He might actually learn something.
Great post. But, fwiw, don't waste your time trying to enlighten the clueless.
Thank you for a thoughtful post. I am not sure how any of it applies to the currently ongoing Apple-Samsung case -- pray tell? That said, let me respond to each. 1) Not possible. 'Business methods' is too broad. I can see definitions stretching all the way from the specific process by which Corning makes fiberglass or a specific process for making drugs, to the way a company answers a telephone or compensates an employee. I really don't understand what the phrase means. If...
Why don't you tell us how you would change it, instead of giving us some links (as you always seem to do). If you've read all this, surely you do have a view?
Screw the damages (in any event, Apple should donate it all to a Korean charity). I just want these low-lifes to lose this case, and be found guilty. Looks like they're pretty much admitting to it, but just haggling over the price. Reminds me of that old Churchill joke about the lady he was siting next to: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/300099-churchill-madam-would-you-sleep-with-me-for-five-million
Nonsense. What is tabloid about, say, the New York Times or The Economist? You must not read much.
There are only three newspaper websites I read every day (and one weekly): New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian (and weekly, The Economist).
New Posts  All Forums: