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Naive? NAIVE!?If anything, your link -- which I recall very well, and is superbly argued and written -- reinforces my viewpoint that Gibney is a pathetic bottom-feeder.
Say more?
I have no interest in patronizing the work of bottom-feeders like Gibney (Daisey is another one that comes to mind), who live off of the 15 minutes of fame they get from trashing, exaggerating, distorting, demeaning, belittling, and generally detracting from the work of great men and great companies.
Oh, you're being too harsh. While I am not a Swift fan by any stretch, it's not a bad marketing tool to get some younger people interested in Apple Music (which, at least amongst my two teen kids and their circle of friends, is a complete unknown). Couldn't hurt with media attention either.
I can see this is as quite a plausible explanation. Add: I love Cook's tweet about the climate change song: https://twitter.com/tim_cook/status/639875402140286977. I have no doubt that it'll drive more than a few here bonkers.
No worries, Samsung will merely move into the business of knock-offs of knock-offs....
When a New York Times story uses phrases such as "...a person briefed on the product" and "...a person close to the product" -- these are remarkably carefully vetted terms at the Times -- that is pretty much money in the bank.   This report is easily the best I've seen re. what's on tap for September 9.
I was just glancing at an S&P stock report (one of the better, more sober ones in the business, generally speaking). They model 28% revenue growth in FY2015 for Apple, and 4.4% (no, that's not a typo!) in FY2016. Yet, their "12-month price target"? $150. Can you imagine how the stock will do if actuals for 2016 comfortably beat -- as they will -- such ludicrously low expectations?
Ah, but that's what I like about him.... (and the reason I mentioned none of the other names).
I am going to get fried, but I kind of thought that SW was all downhill after the first one (which was admittedly, radical). Can't get too excited about this impending release. Maybe I am a romantic, but I prefer things more in the Captain America tradition.
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