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     Woa. Making up for lost time, huh? Welcome back. 
When it comes to business matters -- especially those related to tech -- the judiciary in this country comes across like a bunch of luddite, atavistic morons.   They simply dont seem to understand product life cycles in technology, or the fact that deterrence to obviate future theft, rather than damages, is what this is all about, and seem to have absolutely no respect for, or understanding of why IP is, indeed, 'property.'   I can't wait to see how future battles with...
  If that were the criterion, a lot of companies should go out of business. I am not a fan of the company (I've never used their service), and I think they do push some ethical boundaries, but some of their moves are just hardball business tactics that many similar scrappy companies adopt. They've been caught out on some of it, and have changed their behavior. They do offer a very valuable service to the millions of people who seem to swear by them, providing an...
Why?   (I see you provided an answer above).
Um... I am sure they must create fantasy flights just for you. I fly Delta (Northwest before that).Here you go: http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Delta_Airlines/Delta_Airlines_Airbus_A320.php
Wouldn't that be 1B? and 1D? :-)(Ah, I see others got to it already..... )
This is both the brilliance and the power of the Apple ecosystem. The company does not have to do everything any more. PS: Thanks in advance, everyone, for not feeding the AppleWatch troll.
We know you love Google. You don't have to tell us what they've been up to in every one (at least, it seems like every one) of your posts.
This is so sadly true.
Fair enough. I truly appreciate this response. I remember very well some of the early Flash-based stuff, without which video and animation on the Internet would have been unthinkable (my early favorite was the brilliant Australian animated character, Lenny Loosejocks. Available only via Flash).But a serious question. Why was Flash not able to keep up, i.e., become less of a resource hog so that it could continue to be as relevant in the mobile world? Why was Adobe...
New Posts  All Forums: