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At this point, you may be starting to embarrass other Android users (if that's even possible).... Stop.
We don't need slugs trying to push Android here. They can get lost. It's AppleInsider, in case you didn't notice.
I have put off my new car purchase by at least a year, until the couple of carmakers whose models I am interested in get their a$$e$ in gear and give me CarPlay. If they don't, they'll lose me for at least the next few years. I doubt that I am the only one who feels this way. I hope that the carmakers feel the Apple effect on their sales.
Just a very happy, contented, long-term buy-and-hold shareholder.   (Although, for liquidity reasons, I will want to take some off the table at $112.....)
With all due respect, I have no idea what you're talking about. That's like saying the record companies were the ones rolling out iTunes...
When and where is Apple expected to put out a simple "here's what you need to know about ApplePay and how it works"? Anyone know? I think I'll wait for that, instead of the confusing emails from my credit card companies and such.
I am sure the tagline came much later than knowledge of the (rumored) Broadwell delays and such.
Not really. If 'adding retina to stuff from way too long ago' was the meme, then retina on the MBAir would have been an even bigger needle-mover.  In fact, irrespective of the tag line -- which, I am beginning to think, was a bit lame relative to what actually transpired -- I am a bit disappointed that they had nothing at all on the MBAir front.
     Meh. Still in the dark. I suppose it was obvious to all of you....
Did someone figure out what the tag line for the recent presentation -- "it's been way too long" -- was actually about?   What exactly was 'way too long' to wait for in the recent set of updates/intros?
New Posts  All Forums: