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Yes, I do indeed have some great time on my hands. I wear an AppleWatch, after all. 
Whoa. Get a grip.Alright, alright. You dislike the Watch. I like the Watch. Let's move on.... It's getting kind of boring.
Of course many sundials were semicircular. The point is, they were not circular by default. Incidentally, look at this Wikipedia link (sorry, but I am a bit lazy today) and you'll see that historically, there were many, many different kinds of shapes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SundialMore importantly, my point was that the circular shape for a regular, mechanical, analog watch seemed logical given hands of fixed length that rotated. You chose to ignore that...
Oh yikes... Having a really bad day, I am guessing? Calm down (i know that saying that might make it worse; if so, too bad).As to who I am, just a poster here on AI. You certainly appear to have reached a conclusion about the rest!And, for future reference, you might consider the possibility that rudeness begets rudeness.Add: 1983.
I am not aware of Geiger. I'll look it up. Thanks.Changing bands on the Swatch (I own quite a few) takes more than two minutes as I know from personal experience. More importantly (and even if the claim of two minutes were true in your experience), changing bands on the Watch takes about five seconds in each side, and does not require a paper clip.
I was asking about a 'major watchmaker.'I did not realize that Asus was a major watchmaker.
Yes, yes, yes, you own Apple, etc etc. Impressed.'Pathetic' is in (quote)the eyes of the beholder(unquote) isn't it?I have no idea what it is about the Watch that brings out the nasties in force. A similar thing happened with the iPhone. We all know how that story ended.
Yeah, and there are thousands of images of non-circular sundials. Just search.Btw, the picture you posted is not a circle.
You Android trolls can wait and hope until the proverbial cows come home, but most of your wearables are DOA. Circular or square.Btw, I think it is difficult to be clever and idiotic at the same time. That said, sounding 'like an idiot' in the frame of reference that you guys inhabit is a badge of honor I shall wear with pride!And yes, I was being condescending. I am impressed that you noticed.
New Posts  All Forums: