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Flaneur is actually trying to educate you with some important facts and perspectives, and all you can bring by way of a response is to pile on crappy, cliched shallowness upon further crappy, cliched shallowness.'Excuses'? From whom? 'Somehow you think,' therefore it must be? What are 'R&D institutes'? Can you provide some examples? Universities? How does having the 'best universities in the world' allow you to manufacture something better, cheaper, and higher quality? Can...
She's so shallow, isn't she (in fact, shallowness was the hallmark of her leadership at HP). Last I looked, Cook was not running for anything, so it's a bit bizarre for her to be going after him. And, afaik, he's not a citizen of any country other than the U.S., where he grew up, runs a business, and votes.
As a factual matter, this is not true anymore, unfortunately. Witness what happened in Sri Lanka (but that mutated into something far worse on both sides), and what's happening now in Myanmar.
Shake Shack doesn't hold a candle to In'N'Out burger. (I am being objective about this since I am from neither NY or CA. )
Prince? Someone out there actually cares!?
If Apple is going to be expanding into health, auto, enterprise, etc., they probably need start to think about some serious reorganization. Maybe put these new initiatives into a new spun-off company with a separate chain of responsibilities.I wonder what such a company might be named!
It was a poorly implemented feature that I did not use much, but to take away a functionality without notice or explanation is a tad weird. And rude.
That is good advice (and it's something I always do with all my media), but it's somewhat lame that the most valuable company can't do better vis-a-vis the cloud on a medium (music) that it presumably knows a lot about, when everything and everyone in the industry seems to be moving in that direction.How will stuff like this be viewed as Apple is trying to push into the enterprise? I'll bet many of the key decision makers in these firms are Apple and iCloud users for the...
I think that Apple's ecosystem is getting to be more and more complex to tie together. Across multiple devices -- Macs, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Watch, AppleTV -- and multiple software platforms and programs -- OS X, iOS, iTunes, iCloud, iTunes U, iBooks, iPhoto, AppleMusic, WatchOS, iMovie, Xcode, Swift, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Final Cut, Safari, QuickTime, Maps (I am missing more than a few) -- it has all become a bit too sprawling. Complexity is the key enemy of large...
Wow, what an arrogant, idiotic response. My kids have their own credit cards, and that's what I would like them to use when they buy stuff on iTunes. Oh, they're unmarried, one lives at home and the other is in college. Does a Robin Huber-type problem get solved? If so, how?
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