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Even though there will be degradation of panel quality at the end of 15 years, this is still a good deal for Apple. If it is indeed true that the cost to Apple is ¢8 to ¢14/kWh, that is not at all unreasonable, especially for California.   (In December 2014, the average cost/kWh for commercial eletricity in CA was ¢14.09. http://www.eia.gov/electricity/monthly/epm_table_grapher.cfm?t=epmt_5_6_a)
Gatorguy alert!  
I am glad that someone -- even if it's not the stupid US government -- is looking out for us.   I truly wish the bozos in DC would just shut shop and go away.
No New York!? Palo Alto!?
Well, then you do have a problem, don't you.I've got a suggestion: try a Windows phone. Apparently they have a lot of neat and tidy tiles.
Another weird post on the topic that sounds self-entitled. If you're asking as an Apple shareholder, this is all you as an investor have a right to know: https://www.apple.com/pr/bios/angela-ahrendts.html If you are any other stakeholder (e.g., customer, supplier, creditor, etc.), Apple (as with any other company) is not required to tell you anything at all about any officer of the company.
As has been pointed out by others above, she's not making $73M (or $75M, or whatever). That was an upfront payment to compensate her for giving her up the Burberry stock she had, plus (perhaps) a signing bonus. Her annual salary is much smaller than that.* That would be like saying Tim Cook "makes $400M" (since that is the value of unvested stock and options that Apple gave him at the time he became CEO after Jobs's death, if I recall right; it could have been a bit higher...
I am 'hung up' on nothing. You thought that he didn't sound like he was demanding or entitled. I simply pointed out -- in response to that -- three things in his post that to me conveyed that tone. Btw, what is 'OP'?
Sorry for the 'add' after you posted, but what does the fact that she may or may not be paid $75 million have to do with anything? What was its relevance, if not sound like he feels he's entitled to know since he apparently thinks she's paid a lot?
We're all curious about lots of things Apple and lots of 'fascinating' people. Again, seriously, so what? I am totally failing to understand your reply. How could an article (it was not clear which one he was referring to, btw) reveal more than it knows?! Am I missing something? Add: Since you're acting as his protagonist, let me ask you, what do you think was the relevance of the (factually incorrect) reference to the "$75 million a year"? Would his concern be different...
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