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What a dreadfully sad attempt to look/sound/be hip...   I wonder if it's meant to be a joke.
The stock has been on a tear -- witness today's move, for instance -- in large part based on this rumor. I hope Sep 9 does not disappoint: if no watch (or some other new product category), there could be a pretty hard landing.....
Wallet at the ready....
Is there a cost of financing the installment payment? (Just checked, and it's 0% APR -- i.e., the monthly payment is simply the upfront cost of the unlocked phone divided by 12 or 18, as the case may be. That's impressive).
Call me old-fashioned, but given all the security goings-on, I am loathe to leave my debit card details with anyone, let alone a startup. (The only place where I leave even my credit card on file is with Apple.) If there was a way for them to allow me to do this as a 'guest' or by creating a temporary transfer mechanism where I could transfer the required sum on to some sort of Square 'holding account', I would sign up.
Sheesh.... guys like you are the reason that internet forums get a bum rap sometimes....
 If he had actually said that, it would have made a lot more sense. But what he said was: "This (a keyboard) is something that the iPad should of had [sic]".
(Meh. Forget it).
 Could care less about Chromebooks. I was talking about the Surface.
 'Don't pay much attention'?! They're idiots, then. LOL. Have you checked to see if the Microsoft Surface keyboards are free? And if not, what they cost? /groan I have a similar superbly designed one for my iPad Mini, from Logitech. $80.
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