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NASDAQ 100; S&P 500. Now Dow. So it's in all three major indexes, as it perhaps should be.
None at all, except for a short term bump associated with many Dow-benchmarked mutual funds reshuffling their portfolios to sell ATT and buy Apple. If anything, it could even be a slight negative, since pretty much every firm in the Dow is a dowdy, old, mature cash flow, slow-growth business.
I agree. My previous car was an Audi, and MMI (if that's what it's still called) is worse than iDrive.As I said, I don't understand why they aren't embracing Apple's software with open arms. I am quite impressed by what Jaguar and Volvo are doing.
I am talking about their core interface, the iDrive.
Yes, I do. :-DThat said, it's a bit more. In general, I am very unimpressed by BMW's software skills. Their dashboard is primitive software-wise (In all fairness, they're not unique in that respect). They really would serve their customers better if they outsourced their dashboard to a great software company like Apple. I have no idea whose asses they're trying to cover, or what they're holding out for, when it comes to CarPlay.I don't know where you live, but in the US,...
Banks need to have better verification systems -- e.g., texting or emailing the user -- to agree to a CC being added to ApplePay. Some of them did.   That said, Apple could have worked with them to design systems to accomplish that. (It's also possible that Apple did, and the banks did not listen).
BMW? They've not even bothered to get their act together with CarPlay. Supposedly, they were one of the early signers-on, and were slated to have it in their 2015 models. Yet, nothing so far (in the US).   A wasted effort on that front, I am guessing.
You do know that you're in a rumor site, right? And that you don't have to actually read every story? And that even if you do, you do not have to take the time to post a comment?
Just buy them out already. $100B should about do it, and it can be easily done with just the cash sitting abroad. Sell off everything that's not needed for the AppleCar. There'll be plenty of private equity that would happily take those off Apple's hands.
New Posts  All Forums: