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Please stop making really stupid assumptions. It's quite likely that my computer set-up is perhaps a tad better than yours. You and Slurpy should stop acting like I kicked your cat or something. Grow up. Or take your meds. Or whatever.
See Post #17.
That's not the same thing as saying "I don't update my software."
I am not a Windows user, so I honestly wouldn't know.
What makes you think I am not?
Is there an alternative? 
Good for you. Perhaps your needs and expectations are lower than mine. But see post #17 above.
I am glad it's working out for you. I have about 10,000 songs, dozens of playlists, and have found that, with 10.9.5 + 8.1, there are an unbelievable number of little bugs. Moreover, iTunes Match does not seem to sync well with the current version of iTunes. I have often found many missing playlists, and some recently ripped albums don't even show up. Or, when they do, they suddenly pop up days afterwards.  Basically, for me, it is not syncing properly with my iPhone 6 or...
No it's not. It's, however, symptomatic of the laziness in thought in your posts.
iTunes has become a bloated mess in every sense of the term. It has become the kind of unmitigated disaster that Microsoft was famous for. I simply avoid it whenever I can.   Way past time for Apple to thoroughly re-imagine and re-create what is still perhaps the most important, valuable piece of software in the iOS ecosystem.
New Posts  All Forums: