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A couple of us both wanted, and predicted these specific moves on Apple's part -- larger repurchase, increased dividend, stock split - - a few months ago! RIP, jragosta! And, nice coda, Mr. Oppenheimer.
Get some basic financial education. Please. If not for yourself, for your family.
Utter nonsense. Tell that to the millions who have built and owned houses, sent their kids to college, taken vacations, retired well, and paid for their health care from investing -- and staying the course for the long haul -- in the stock market.
And, you know this how?
Why is that rhetorical? Depends on the expected return associated with waiting, no?
Cue the usual, completely unfounded blather: "Wall-Street-is-a-gambling-den," "analysts-are-stupid-venal-low-lifes," "everyone-manipulates-stock-prices," "last-year's-profits-should-tell-us-all-we-need-to-know-about-this-year's-stock-prices," "Apple-should-go-private," "Time-Cook-should-stay/go," "Apple-does/does-not-innovate".   Am I missing anything?
No, I wasn't.I made a mistake in conflating two posters, and I've explained above.
Got it. Sorry. My response was to peterbob who was going on about how the rest of the world laughs etc. Your questions were perfectly legit.When you responded to my post, I confused the two of you. Apologies.
No I don't. But that does not imply yours are very good.If I might ask, what is your connection to, and expertise in IP law?
Oh wow, we have an IP law genius in our midst. As to the rest of the developed world, I'll take the tech innovation leadership of the US any day, by a long shot. No one else comes even close. So, I'll assume we must be doing something right despite all the 'laughter' elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: