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I increasingly miss the India tech service. With the move towards 'insourcing' (in the U.S.), I am finding that telephone-based service has become awful for the most part. Most of the time, I am dealing with weird, thick American accents that I can barely understand.That said, Apple's customer service is a significant exception.
You can be a senior exec of a company and not be an 'officer' necessarily. That title implies that you also have corprate governance responsibilities, and to some extent, you also (theoretically) become liable for the actions of the corporation.
Then use a damn Ethernet dongle, or buy a Windows PC. Problem solved.
Most likely 'meh.'But we'll know tomorrow.
The digital crown will probably become an important tactile/physical input device for CarPlay.
What's "most useful" for you may not be the same for me.
My regular SS, which arrived on April 24, also came in a 'square box' (actually, a cube) and the chrome highlighted puck.
Wow. What a surprise.   A bunch of third-rate copyists, not all that different from Samsung....
Interesting question! I just did, and yes it does (took about 20 seconds; 72 BPM, when the 'regular' side showed 74 BPM).
Is that really true? I've heard that the quality beats regular HD? Wasn't this the raison d'être for Aereo's (short) existence?
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