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Please. Be serious. When it comes to technology, security, economy, markets, military, reach, culture, consumer products, and media there's the US and then then a set of countries (about a dozen or so) that have aspirations to 'significance.'After all, you're on a site with majority US membership and readership devoted to a US company and its products. Don't get so huffy if the conversation wanders into policy and politics that affect not just that company and its...
US national elections, and the debates therein, have global consequences for better or worse. Especially as far as the current "worldwide terrorist situation" is concerned.
Did I miss a big news item? If so, please cite?Or are you referring to the handful (so far) that were not classified as secret at the time sent, but subsequently reclassified years later? If it's those, then I am not sure you're being entirely truthful here.
I think the discussion is quite apropos given the story.
You lose ALL semblance of credibility when you post utter ignorant nonsense like this. Especially when you could easily check the facts for yourself and not be willing to be duped by the FUD from the Right on this issue.Refugees go through the HIGHEST level of scrutiny of ANY immigrants into the US. Yes, the initial screening is done by the UNHCR but that's because it often happens on the front lines of war where the US may not be present. Once they arrive here, they are...
To the extent that their fears extend to refugees -- who are, under current rules and procedures, quite carefully vetted -- that qualifies for anti-immigrant.
I would have no trouble with the US not selling arms to rogue nations (not sure what your definition of "violate human rights" is; sounds awfully broad and squishy). However, are you suggesting that, if the US stopped doing this, others, e.g., Russia, China, would not step in to fill that void?
This is a good point. (Just as people forget the fact that Lincoln was a Republican.)The problem is, most of the nut cases now on the anti-immigrant (unless they're Cubans) front are Republican presidential candidates. That is just a sad fact.
TS, please stop posting incomprehensible crap. Thank you.
Ha, that's interesting. Is that different from -- i.e., more violent than -- using the 'Restart' (as opposed to 'Shut Down') function in OSX? If so, is there room for an equivalent function in iOS?
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