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Google, the innovator. /s
I have soured on Dropbox (I used to be a rather big evangelist). The reason? I had one of their low-tier plans, and I had uploaded approximately 1GB worth of photos from an event (my daughter's play) that I had sent to the number of people at that event. (Space was a non issue.). Soon thereafter, I got a couple of nasty, arrogant-sounding emails from DB saying that that there was too much download activity on my account. I promptly deleted my DB account, after moving...
This is decency. What goes around comes around.
That would be a start. And I said nothing about Windows.
1) What's the big deal about throwing in an Apple-created encased 'enclave' in an Apple laptop/desktop? It probably takes up no more than speck of space. (Your previous point about security implications is probably not terribly valid, since there will be obviously some type of OTA communication between the iPhone and the AppleWatch as well). 2) PC sales may be stalling, but something like 300+ million are still sold every year. That's many more than tablets. Apple's share...
I have no idea what 'contribute to the halo effect' means, but that aside, if Apple is interested in share of wallet by expanding the ecosystem -- and of course they are -- then this is something to consider seriously. I agree that it will need BLE hardware, SoC of some type, and a TouchID sensor (aluminum enclosure, batteries, pairing capability are already on a mouse), but I am not sure that it'll cost an extra $100. Probably far less than that. Indeed, it could even be...
It need not be cables and clutter. For example BLE. Or whatever it is that Apple plans to use between the AppleWatch and the iPhone 6. Integrated into an Apple mouse.
It occurs to me that Apple somehow needs to find a laptop/desktop solution as well, for more widespread online adoption of ApplePay. Not exactly sure of the numbers, but I have to believe that non-mobile purchases still account for a vast majority of online shopping. Some type of fingerprint reader hardware, perhaps? $29.99? Hello, Apple?
Some people here are unable to see the benefits of privacy and security. Higher income shoppers are perhaps more likely to see those benefits, I am guessing. In any event, it'll take at least a couple of years before ApplePay becomes a mature service. And that would still be an impressive timeline for an innovation in the payments business.
I agree. It would be foolish to not assume that every country acts in its own self interest.
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