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Barbara Boxer and Rand Paul actually proposing something quasi-sensible? One must be retiring, and the other, running for President.
Can you do it for us? Please?
Guess what? I live in the 'first' world. And it's a problem. And I bloody well pay for it. So take your class warfare stuff elsewhere.(And I might add, 'third' world is an incredibly condescending phrase).
I'll take 20 Mbps. But I just want the fuçkïñg thing to be reliable, and not freeze up and die on a Fri or Sat night.
Interesting statistic, but beyond a certain volume sold, a somewhat pointless one. A bit of bragging rights, that's all. The only thing that really matters -- again, with a certain minimum scale (which Apple has had for a while now) -- is the cash flow share. Everyone but Apple has the dregs part of the volume, and they're welcome to it.
Some say it's not nice to laugh at other people's misfortunes. I say: ha ha ha.
Most? That's a mighty exaggeration.Unless, of course, you can share with us the list of nearly 100+ countries that you claim do this.
On a more serious note, I doubt that Apple has much to give away. If the company's prior statements are to be believed -- and I think they are -- there is not much of a 'backdoor' to worry about with the iPhone, and therefore not a great deal of source code to share. China is likely to get hoisted on its own petard on this one: I can see foreign governments demanding that Chinese companies like Huawei (telecom equipment), Lenovo, and Xiaomi share the source code for their...
That's a nice sentiment, but I distinctly recall that, at one point a couple of years ago, you mentioned you had got rid of all your Apple stock.Were you not expressing any opinions on these boards then?
They want to be able to spy on their own people more effectively. I wonder how long hundreds of millions of citizens are going to put up with this kind of nonsense, where a government spies on its own people. Oh, wait....
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