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Not sure if you forgot the "/s" tag or are being serious, but if the latter: does membership in the Coalition require me to bring my own pacifier, bib and diaper, or do you provide them?
While I am no Chevrolet fan, hats off to them for doing this!
Quit your usual nonsense.
Yeah, that is absolute BS.
Whatever Apple decides to do in this sphere, I hope its foray into search will be less cumbersome and hesitant than its moves into maps (much better, but still leaves a lot to be desired), email (I barely use my Apple Mail account anymore), social (we all know about that one), and web browsing (much improved now). They're all decent-to-good, but none of them hits the ball out of the park for me.   Also, I hope that Apple does not dump Google for Yahoo (cr4p), Bing (I...
This fad will be history in a couple of years.
Um.... That $28,000 provided a lot of employment and wages to a lot of people around the globe.
This has happened to me too (I recall furtively looking around to make sure that on one else saw what I was doing, because it might have looked a tad dorky!)
I increasingly miss the India tech service. With the move towards 'insourcing' (in the U.S.), I am finding that telephone-based service has become awful for the most part. Most of the time, I am dealing with weird, thick American accents that I can barely understand.That said, Apple's customer service is a significant exception.
You can be a senior exec of a company and not be an 'officer' necessarily. That title implies that you also have corprate governance responsibilities, and to some extent, you also (theoretically) become liable for the actions of the corporation.
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