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We know you love Google. You don't have to tell us what they've been up to in every one (at least, it seems like every one) of your posts.
This is so sadly true.
Fair enough. I truly appreciate this response. I remember very well some of the early Flash-based stuff, without which video and animation on the Internet would have been unthinkable (my early favorite was the brilliant Australian animated character, Lenny Loosejocks. Available only via Flash).But a serious question. Why was Flash not able to keep up, i.e., become less of a resource hog so that it could continue to be as relevant in the mobile world? Why was Adobe...
What do you do for a living? Write 'how to be a one-minute manager' tomes?
It sounds to me like you had some sort of role with Flash and/or Adobe, and are simply trying to defend what is, by most intelligent accounts, a POS piece of software.
Yeah. That's why Adobe never were able to (or bothered to) fix it. /s
The Guardian is not always my cup of tea, but it's no rag. It singlehandedly broke the story -- and stayed with it -- on NSA spying. There are many other such examples. The reporting is usually solid.
He has? Can you substantiate that?
Every major country in the EU -- UK, France, Germany for starters -- has been shown to engage in similar spying (if not worse). As to taxes, it's EU's problem, not Apple's. As to pricing, people are welcome to not buy the product if the price is too high, but it accounts for exchange rate risks, VAT, end-of-product-life costs, higher distribution costs, higher labor costs, higher retailing costs, and pricing-to-market. And labor practices? Give me a break. No one has done...
^^^ Nothing 'surprising' about it on the least. If anyone's been paying attention, that's exactly where he's coming from.
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