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Of course the future is unknown. But that does not mean that people don't form expectations about the future, and put their money where their expectations are. To think that the stock price is anything other than the capitalized value today of risk-adjusted, expected future cash flows (as sog35 noted) is delusional.People value and trade assets today based on their expectations about the future. Period.
Unless you can tell us why, this is nonsense. You may be right by chance, but there's no rational way to predict that, or the time frame in which something like that will/could happen. The forward PE ratio on the market is a little higher than historical averages but not by much. The CAPE (Shiller-Campbell measure) is much higher than historical averages, but that has been so for a while (and Shiller has been crying wolf for a good while now).
At 11.56AM EDT, 8/19/14  
Yea!! At 11.56 AM EDT, August 19, 2014.
That is a good price for the house, given its size, lot size, and location.
Long distance relationship, eh? Sucks.
Hmmm.... lovergrl, meet bf.... (Sorry, couldn't resist! )
 I meant exactly what I wrote.
Um... there's a member of my family currently using a first-gen 2010 iPhone 4 on iOS 7, and still works reasonably well. I don't think there's another smartphone manufacturer that can come close to making a claim like that on a four-year old device. Apple's products are future-proofed quite well.
That was the last great ad from Apple. There were quite a few mediocre ones prior to that, as I recall.   The current crop of moody, sulky, preachy-sounding, self-satisfied ads -- with their utterly mediocre music ("Gigantic" is Exhibit A) -- needs to be jettisoned.
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